Valorant – Replication Game Mode Coming Soon

The teasers have been dropping left and right. Not 24 hours after Valorant Twitter teased the new game mode, Replication, another clip showing off more of the mode has the made the rounds.

In this new clip, we see a player being repeatedly blinded by Skye flashes. At the end of the clip, there is a whole pack of tigers running towards the player.

We still don’t have a concrete idea when the game mode is going to be formally announced. In fact, we don’t much about it so far. The only other teaser we have is one that Riot teased earlier.

In this Tweet, we get the idea of how Replication will play out in Valorant. As the short clip suggests, we see 12 Brimstone smokes suddenly appear on one of Breeze’s bomb sites.

We can’t say for sure how this came to be. Speculations suggest that the new game mode will allow players to stack the same operator on the team. In the most extreme of cases, it can result in having a whole team of a certain character. Conversely, there is the possibility that players will be able to spam abilities at will. Despite the potential chaos that can occur, it might shake up the game in ways no one anticipates.

Just imagining the prospect of 10 Viper walls appearing out of nowhere can damper anyone’s day. Then again, the alternative is that you won’t be allowed to see anything besides the blinding effects of constant flashes.

There is no confirmation of anything yet. But expect to be more teasers to be released sooner or later. Valorant is well due to an update. For all we know, an in-game announcement could just around the corner.

For more news on Valorant and the Replication game more. Stay tuned for more news.