Valorant Cebu Team Zeal ESports Now Champions in SEA-Based Tournament


The newest Valorant champions from this year’s SEA-based tournament is none other than the team based from Cebu, Zeal ESports.

Zeal ESports became champions of this year’s KJC eSports Valorant Tournament: One. They dealt a 3-1 upset game against Singapore team Paper Rex. The finals was held last Saturday.

The Cebu-based team became number one against 64 other teams and now the best in Southeast Asia.

Carl “senyocarL” Carandang is the tournament MVP of this tournament.

To make it all better, Zeal ESports will be taking home $850 US prize pool as reward. Here’s the roster of the team:

Carl “senyorcarl” Carandang
Keith “FireSaiyajin” Madarang
James “2geMONSTAH” Goopio
Craig Zachary “CraigyS” Salgado
Vince “Flash” Medado
Dominique “N1CO” Tul-id

Valorant is now available on PC.

Source: ABS-CBN