WB Games Montreal Releases Another Batman Tease Hinting Two Face

Batman Two Face

Another Batman teaser has arrived and this time around it might have hinted a classic villain joining in.

Tonight, another teaser was unlocked on the R3DAKT3D website and it showed another part of the map. Visitors needed to enter the code 941 in order to unlock the second code, which was teased on the Twitter account of the website. Note, it is quite a puzzle to solve and would need patience.

This is the result:

Anyways, the next map had a mysterious phrase that said “Face Two Face”. Some have speculated that this hints the classic villain Two Face joining in this upcoming Batman game. What his involvement in this story is currently unknown, but he will definitely play a big part. Just as always.

Here is Map 1 and Map 2 attached to each other. See any clues? Hopefully you DC fans can clue us in on what is happening here. Another teaser will be unlocked tomorrow, same Bat time, same Sirus Gaming website.