What Is An Ascender in Fortnite?

A guide for learning how to use ascenders and where to find them in Fortnite.


The Fortnite Ascender is a new additional tool that players can use to quickly traverse vertically without the need to build. They are ziplines that help players get to hard-to-reach areas in the Island like the IO Blimps above the Daily Bugle and Tilted Towers.

This article will teach you all about what is an Ascender in Fortnite, how to use them, as well as how to complete the Week 3 challenges that require the use of Ascenders around the Island.

What is an Ascender in Fortnite?

The Ascender is a vertical zipline that help you traverse above and below into hard-to-reach areas around Fortnite. They can take you to high ground in a fraction of a second without needing to build. Ascenders are also useful for getting below ground without taking fall damage.

The addition of the Fortnite Ascender is a much needed one for the game. With the inclusion of the Zero Build mode, you will need a way to get to higher ground as your inability to build new infrastructure drastically limits your ability to traverse which is where the Ascender will become a key tool.

Ascenders have fixed locations around the Fortnite map. They’re not an item you can pick up for later use. Ascenders are also different from ziplines as they are strictly for vertical traversal in nature.

How to Use Ascenders in Fortnite - What Is An Ascender in Fortnite

How to Use Ascenders in Fortnite?

Using Ascenders in Fortnite is easy, you simply have to approach and interact with them. You’ll see a “Zip Up” or “Zip Down” messaging which will indicate if you’re going up or heading down.

Since Ascenders are so fast, they can really helpful in escaping firefights or trying to get to elevated positions where you’ll have the most advantage.

Ascender Locations For Week 3 Quest

One of the challenges for the Fortnite Week 3 quest involve using the Ascender in Command Cavern and Chonker’s Speedway. Completing this quest will award you with 20,000 XP for such a small task.

You have to use at least one Ascender from both of these locations. Here’s where you can find them:

Command Cavern Ascender Locations

Command Cavern Ascender Locations - What Is An Ascender in Fortnite

The Ascenders in Command Cavern are placed around the IO Blimp floating above it. They’re there for quick and easy access to get around the location. Getting inside the IO Blimp is impossible without building, so you’ll have to use the Ascenders.

Chonker’s Speedway Ascender Locations

Chonker's Speedway Ascender Locations - What Is An Ascender in Fortnite

The Ascenders in Chonker’s Speedway will help you scale up the sides of a cliff. You’ll find it very challenging to get around without the help of Ascenders especially in Fortnite’s Zero Build game mode where you’re deprived of your ability to build.

That’s our What Is An Ascender in Fortnite article. We hope this guide helped you understand Ascenders better and how to use them. We have other Fortnite content that you may be interested in.

Check out this Youtube video from Axvezer showcasing the Ascenders in Chonker’s Speedway and Command Cavern.