What is Apex Legends Flashpoint LTM?

A guide into learning what Flashpoint is, the best tactics to use, and the game mode's history.

Featured Apex Legends Flashpoint LTM

Apex Legends Flashpoint LTM, which means limited time mode, has returned as a game mode in Apex Legends this season 12. It was first introduced in the Aftermarket Collection event of Season 6 back in October 2020. It’s been a popular game mode since its release and hasn’t been seen in the game since.

The Apex Legends Unshackled event will feature Flashpoint as a limited-time mode. From April 19, 2022 to May 3, 2022 players can participate and earn rewards from the Apex Legends Flashpoint LTM which includes limited time cosmetics. Unshackled will feature Apex Legends Flashpoint LTM on Olympus this time around.

This article will list everything you need to know about the Apex Legends Flashpoint LTM from how it’s played, the popular tactics used, and the game mode’s history.

What is Apex Legends Flashpoint?

Flashpoint is a game mode in Apex Legends with a simple premise: it’s a standard battle royale but it takes away all healing items on the map including shield cells and batteries. They’re instead replaced with “Flashpoint Zones” which are large blue domes that restore health and shields to any legend that enters its vicinity. Since these zones heals all, players will have to compete with other legends who are also trying to restore their health.

Respawn Beacons are also removed in the Apex Legends Flashpoint LTM. Players who wish to revive their teammates have to craft the portable Mobile Respawn Beacons from Replicators or pick them up from defeated enemies. And even with all healing items removed, players can still craft Phoenix Kits from Replicators which allows them to restore their full health.

Flashpoint Zones aren’t temporary and have a set location in the map, meaning that you’ll never see one appear out of thin air or disappear. The circle is still closing in Flashpoint however it will always close on a Flashpoint Zone in the final round. Teams who have made it to the last round will have to fight against each other while their shields and health are continuously regenerating.

There are quite a few popular tactics used by teams in Flashpoint LTM. Be aware of these tactics since they can be valuable to survive but they can be used against you.

Keep Away From Fighting

Keep Away From Fighting

Since Flashpoint takes away healing items, many teams have taken to avoiding encounters in order to maximize the chances of making it to the final round. While it can be considered a normal strategy in the standard battle royale to avoid drawing too much attention to yourself, Flashpoint antes it up by taking away your ability to heal on the go making third party fights a death sentence.

Stock Up on Crafting Materials

Stock Up on Crafting Materials

The only other way to restore your health besides the Flashpoint Zones are through Phoenix Kits which you have to craft by finding a Replicator. Gather up as much crafting materials as possible since they’re the only way to heal up without having to go to a Flashpoint Zone which many teams are competing for.

Camp Flashpoint Zones

Camp Flashpoint Zones

It’s inevitable that teams will eventually compete for Flashpoint Zones. You’ll probably find that many teams have taken to guarding them like a fortress until the circle forces them to move. You can do the same for any Flashpoint Zone you hold by waiting for an enemy team to get close enough before you open fire. This of course attracts trouble of two teams decide to focus fire on you.

Have Lifeline and Wattson On Your Team

Have Lifeline and Wattson On Your Team

Expect each team to either have a Lifeline or a Wattson on their team or both. These two legends are the only ones with abilities who can restore your health and shields making them invaluable in any team composition. You’ll be at a disadvantage if you don’t have either of the two on your squad.

Season 12 Apex Legends Flashpoint LTM Rewards

The Unshackled event divides its rewards into two prize trackers. These rewards can be earned by completing challenges centered around the Flashpoint LTM.

Unshackled Flashpoint Prize Tracker

Rewards from April 19 to 26 :

  • Unique Badge
  • Epic Charm
  • Epic RE-45 skin
  • Epic Seer skin

Rewards from April 26 to May 3:

  • Unique Badge
  • Rare Apex Pack
  • Epic Boxing Nessie Holospray
  • Unshackled Pack
What are the gameplay changes in Apex Legends Flashpoint LTM?

The Apex Legends Flashpoint LTM was previously only available on the Kings Canyon map in the Aftermarket Event, but it will now be available on the Olympus map in the Unshackled Event.

Healing items do not spawn in Apex Legends Flashpoint LTM, making navigation around the map extremely dangerous. To heal, you must enter blue spherical regions dispersed throughout the map known as flashpoints, which will slowly refill your health and shields over time after a minor delay. The best Apex Legends Flashpoint LTM Legends to choose are Lifeline, Octane, and Wattson, who have abilities that can restore health and/or shields outside of certain flashpoints.

In Flashpoint LTM, the closing circle is conventional, getting smaller and smaller but always centered on a flashpoint by the end. As you can expect, this might make for a tense final minute of the game, as all players will have regenerated health and shields.

Don’t worry if conventional Respawn Beacons are removed from the map in the mode, because you’ll still be able to make Phoenix Kits at Replicators for a rapid health and shield restore, as well as lay down Mobile Respawn Beacons.

You can expect more Flashpoint-specific badges to be acquired in the Unshackled Event, since the Aftermarket Event gave badges for completing certain challenges, like as winning a set amount of Flashpoint games.

Apex Legends Flashpoint LTM Aftermarket Event

The Apex Legends Aftermarket event was the where Flashpoint LTM was first introduced back in Season 6 between October 6, 2020 until October 20, 2020. It also featured a prize tracker to reward those who have completed challenges centering around the Flashpoint game mode.

Aftermarket Flashpoint Badges

Aftermarket Badge
Reach 250 points in Prize Tracker

Aftermarket Dealer
Deal 10,000 damage in Flashpoint Zones

Aftermarket Assassin
Kill 100 enemies in Flashpoint Zones

Aftermarket Professional
Win 10 Flashpoint Games

Aftermarket Master
Earn all other Flashpoint badges

Aftermarket Event Flashpoint Prize Tracker
Aftermarket Flashpoint Prize Tracker

Players were given a set of challenges they had to complete in the Flashpoint LTM in order to earn enough point to proceed through the prize tracker and claim their reward.

All Rewards from Aftermarket Flashpoint Prize Tracker:

  • Free – Music Pack: Aftermarket
  • 250 points – Badge: Aftermarket
  • 500 points – Weapon Charm: High Steppin
  • 750 points – Rampart Stat Tracker: Kills and XP Boost
  • 1000 points – Bangalore skin: Blue Chipped
  • 1250 points – Transition: Aftermarket
  • 1500 points – Octane Stat Tracker: Kills
  • 2000 points – L-STAR EMG skin: Road Rash and Volt skin: The Outlands Job
  • 2500 points – Rampart Stat Tracker: Wins
  • 3000 points – XP Boost
  • 3500 points – Octane Stat Tracker: Wins
  • 4000 points – Rampart Stat Tracker: Damage Done
  • 5000 points – Octane Stat Tracker: Damage Done and Hemlock Burst AR skin: Performance Boost

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