What virus is in Dead Island 2? (Explained)

What caused the zombie outbreak in Dead Island 2?

The most important factor in regards to the story is the virus in Dead Island 2. It’s the main reason why the zombie outbreak is even happening so it’s a wonder what’s causing the undead to rise and devour the living, for the second time again. Are we dealing with the same strain of virus from the first game?

Read on as this article gives you important information as to what virus is in Dead Island 2. This will explain what’s happening so massive spoilers are ahead.

What virus is in Dead Island 2?

The zombie virus in Dead Island 2 is the Autophage which mutates normal human beings into flesh eating zombies. According to Dr. Reuben, it’s not meant to be a virus or a plague but a killswitch hidden inside human DNA that will exterminate all of humanity on a predetermined time.

This Autophage isn’t a manmade virus in Dead Island 2 like the HKEA from the previous game. It’s a naturally occurring phenomenon that Dr. Reed Reuben discovered inside the human DNA which is constantly counting down to zero. Once time runs out, the Autophage erupts in ever man, woman, and child on Earth.

The protagonists themselves and a number of other characters are also infected with the Autophage but are immune from its worst effects. They’re not zombified and even gain superhuman abilities because of it. People who are immune to the Autophage are called Numen. Only one in a million people are able to become one.

Autophage virus is in Dead Island 2

How did the zombie outbreak in Dead Island 2 start?

The reason for the zombie outbreak in Los Angeles is because Reuben Reed purposefully started it in order to carry out inhumane experiments in an attempt to save the rest of the world from it. His goal was to develop a cure in the middle of the outbreak for the Autophage that will return people back to human again by using those who are immune.

Over millions of people were infected in Los Angeles, including the protagonist. Or to be more accurate, everyone in the entire world is infected with the Autophage but people in LA are infected with an enhanced strain. And this was all done in order to prevent humanity as a whole from succumbing to the Autophage.

Now you know what virus is in Dead Island 2. We hope this article was informative.

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