Who is the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Villain?

Who's the main antagonist in Star Wars Jedi Survivor?

Who is the Star Wars Jedi Survivor villain bacta tank

At the height of the Empire’s control of the galaxy, there’s no shortage of who the new Star Wars Jedi Survivor villain could be. From inquisitors to bounty hunters working on the Imperial payroll, Cal Kestis is facing new dangers that will put his skills to the test as a Jedi Knight. In this article, get to know more about the big bad villain whose presence lurks in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Who is the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Villain?

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor villain is Rayvis, a large Gen’Dai alien who is said to be almost immortal. Rayvis takes an antagonistic role towards Cal as he believes that Jedi should not exist, making the two natural enemies.

Rayvis is a character who has not yet appeared in any of the previous Star Wars stories. Although this is his first appearance, seasoned fans of the franchise would already know of the Gen’Dai race. This species comes from a yet-unidentified planet in the galaxy and seems to be immortal and formless, devoid of any bones. They wear armor to give themselves a more humanoid form, which matches Rayvis appearance.

There’s no mention as to what Rayvis’ goals are beyond the extinction of the Jedi. Though the Gen’Dai typically take up nihilistic philosophy, believing that taking an active role in anything was detrimental and pointless. Rayvis’ beliefs may clash with the existence of the Jedi, which is why he takes an antagonistic stance toward Cal.

Rayvis - Star Wars Jedi Survivor Villain

This makes Rayvis a very tough opponent. Since he’s a Gen’Dai, he’s incredibly difficult to kill, as their race can regenerate from almost any damage. There are only two known ways to kill Gen’Dai neither of which Cal has easy access to. One was to completely evaporate or incinerate their bodies. The second was to wait for Rayvis’ brain to deteriorate over time and form a psychosis because of his advanced age.

Even if Cal can cut off Rayvis’ limbs, he’ll keep coming back to haunt him across the galaxy. This makes the Gen’Dai a persistent foe that far surpasses the tenacity of the Imperial inquisitors. The only real way we can see Cal permanently getting rid of Rayvis is to either use the environment against him and incinerate the Gen’Dai or convince him to become an ally in some way.

A Disillusioned High Republic Jedi Antagonist

It should be noted that Rayvis isn’t alone in taking an antagonistic role towards Cal. A High Republic Jedi seemingly clashes with Cal after being freed from a Bacta tank. We don’t know his name yet, but he seems to be working together with Rayvis against Cal. From what we gather, he’s very discontent with the Jedi Order for having fallen to the Empire.

High Republic Jedi with Rayvis Star Wars Jedi Survivor Villain

It seems these two will eventually end up in a lightsaber duel, but we aren’t sure to what extent this antagonistic High Republic Jedi will play. It’s strange to see him working with Rayvis, though.

There’s also still Darth Vader lurking at the Emperor’s beck and call. Considering that Star Wars Jedi Survivor takes place around the same time as the Obi-Wan Kenobi TV Series, the iconic Star Wars Jedi Survivor villain may be too busy to deal with Cal Kestis. which, considering their last encounter, might just be a mercy, even with Cal’s new lightsaber fighting styles.

With the Empire, raiders, hostile creatures, and former Jedi hunting him down, Cal Kestis is going to be pushed to his limits to make it through each fight in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

A confrontation - Star Wars Jedi Survivor Villain

This explains who the Star Wars Jedi Survivor villain is and who’s working with him. Also check out AZZATRU’s video below, which shows every bit of detail for the new Star Wars Jedi Survivor Villain.

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