Wild Hearts Claw Blade Build Guide

What's the best build for the Claw Blade in Wild Hearts?

This Wild Hearts Claw Blade build is one of the most fun weapons to use in the game. Soaring through the air and slicing enemies gives you so much mobility that you can avoid most enemy attacks that are geared to striking the ground. Why not go for the most optimal build for the claw blades so you can have some airborne fun?

Let’s talk about the best Wild Hearts Claw Blade build for you to use including weapons, armor, and skills.

Best Wild Hearts Claw Blade Build

Here are the most optimal equipment for the best Claw Blade build in Wild Hearts:


  • Minakatatomi


  • Garuda Hat (Kemono-Path)
  • Garuda Uwagi (Kemono-Path)
  • Garuda Gauntlets
  • Great Juniper Sune-ate
  • Otsuki Talisman: Idle Life


  • Aerial Strike: Fury
  • Battle Spirit
  • Claw Master
  • Critical Draw
  • Deaf Ears
  • Desperation
  • Hawkeye
  • Hover
  • Fatigue Recovery
  • Final Blow
  • Savage
  • Soaring Bird Tutelage
  • Solar Protection
  • Strong Arm Spirit: Fury
  • Tiger’s Den

This Wild Hearts Claw Blade build is a bit of a risky play style. The weapons and armor build around it gives you better attack damage at the expense of some defensive. It’s meant for exploiting weaknesses and allowing you to stay in the air to close in on enemy weak spots.

Wild Hearts Claw Blade Build Best Weapon

Wild Hearts Claw Blade Build Best Weapon

We recommend working towards the Minakatatomi on the upgrade tree. It’s a decent weapon that takes a while to get, but it’s cheaper than most final upgrades for other weapons.

You’ll have to go through several upgrades to get the desired skills for it. First go through the Wrack Claw: Rhododendron 2 which gets you the Tiger’s Den skill to boost attacks. Afterwards, make your way to get the Nobosuma Claw which gets you Hawk Eye. Then get the Summer Camellia Claw 2 upgrade which inherits the Aerial Strike Fury Skill. Finally go for the Agate Claw 2 which as the Desperation skill you’ll want before getting the Minakatatomi.

Wild Hearts Claw Blade Build Best Armor

The Garuda Hat (Kemono-Path) is a pretty good headgear as it gives us the Deaf Ears skill which is crucial for staying in the air by blocking out monster screams. You could substitute it for other headgear with the same skill if you so wish.

Other armor equipment like the Garuda Uwagi and Garuda Gauntlets offer some offensive skills which can increase damage. Though for footwear, we recommend the Great Juniper Sune-ate since it gives you the Savage skill.

For a talisman, go for the Otsuki Talisman: Idle Life which gives you the Claw Master skill. Unlike other talisman which depend on RNG drops, you can find this in the open world. You can find it south of the Fuyufusagi Fort. Just interact with the sword stuck to the top of a frozen wave on the broken bridge.

Wild Hearts Claw Blade Build Best Skills

The skills you gain naturally come from the equipment you wear. The build on this article is geared towards an offensive Claw Blade character that relentlessly keeps attacking. That’s why it’s advised that you stack up on skills like Desperation, Aerial Strike: Fury, and Claw Master.

You can customize this build if you prefer some defensive options. Though the Claw Blade isn’t really geared towards a defensive playstyle.

That’s all for our Wild Hearts Claw Blade build. We hope this guide helped you make the best hunter against the Kemono.

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