Wild Hearts Cross-Play Multiplayer: how to play with friends

Does Wild Hearts Have Cross-Play or Cross-Platform Features?

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Teamwork and cooperation are the keys to completing hard missions in Wild Hearts. Since the release of Koei Tecmo’s newest game, the developers have listed what this game will have on the impact of active gamers online. But one question remains unanswered for this game, does this game have Cross Play and Cross Platform? In this guide, players will finally learn the answer to this, so read on and enjoy.

Is Wild Hearts Cross-Platform?

Yes, Wild Hearts has full Cross-play/Cross-Platform support across PC, PlayStation (PS5), and Xbox (Series X/S).

This was confirmed recently in the official Wild Hearts FAQ. As Wild Hearts on PS4 and Xbox One aren’t happening those platforms aren’t supported as players can’t play the game there. It is likely crossplay will be utilized via their EA account, with EA publishing the game. So, if they haven’t set one up yet they should be here on the EA login page.

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Considering this game is similar and vaster than Monster Hunter Rise, adding  Cross-Platform and Cross-play to the game is a nice touch that ensures its presence for many months. Koei Tecmo is really giving it its all to ensure the success of the game.

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