Wild Hearts: Flash of Inspiration Guide

Here's how to trigger a Flash of Inspiration in Wild Hearts


In Wild Hearts, players will unlock a new Fusion Karakuri through the process called Flash of Inspiration. But players are currently asking how to trigger such a process. Read on, and this guide will list all the best methods and conditions that will set off the Flash of Inspiration.

What is Fusion Karakuri in Wild Hearts?

Fusion Karakuri is a set of advanced and sturdier constructions made from basic builds of the basic Karakuri. Using these will benefit hunters in Wild Hearts as the kemonos in the game will start to get more stronger and vicious in the later half of the game. In order to learn and unlock new Fusion Karakuri, not only do they need to go up against new and powerful Kemono, they will need to trigger a Flash of Inspiration that occurs under certain specific conditions.

How to Trigger a Flash of Inspiration in Wild Hearts?

How to Trigger a Flash of Inspiration in Wild Hearts?

To trigger the Flash of inspiration, players will need to meet the following conditions so that players can unlock a new Fusion Karakuri:

  • equipping the right Basic Karakuri to build the new fusion
  • Being on the hunt with a specific Karakuri
  • Wait for a Specific Attack done by the Kemono
  • Prepare The Thread needed to build the Fusion

In a simplified method of learning how to activate the Flash of Inspiration, players will hear a water drop sound effect and see their surroundings slow down. When this occurs, players will notice a specific input or message appear in their Karakuri Menu. Press it, and the inspiration will begin. Once players have successfully cleared the inspiration, they will be able to unlock a new Fusion Karakuri.

Though the requirements for triggering it are stable and unique, it has some unexpected problems that mostly cause disruption in the progress of many players. Examples of these problems are:

  • When a player is doing an aerial attack, they won’t be able to get a flash of inspiration. Players should stay on the ground and avoid using aerial combos while equipping the Clawblade, or else they will miss the timing
  • This feature usually shows up at random in both single-player campaigns and multiplayer campaigns. Unexpectedly, there will be times when another player will try to steal that inspiration, making it hard for the host to earn a new Fusion Karakuri.
  • The time limit is neither short nor long, but there will be times that it will pop out of nowhere and keep players caught off guard by the sudden display.

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