Wild Hearts: Giant Kemono Gem locations

Here's where to find Giant Kemono Gems in Wild Hearts

Giant Kemono Gem - Wild Hearts - feature.

Giant Kemono Gem is a rare item that can be found in Wild Hearts. It has a ton of uses that can be used for enhancing weapons and more. In this guide, players will learn more about this item and where to get it in Wild Hearts, so read on and enjoy.

What is a Giant Kemono Gem in Wild Hearts?

The Giant Kemono Gem is a type of forging material that is usually dropped when defeating the Earthbreaker and is typically used to craft and upgrade specific weapons.

Where to Find Giant Kemono Gems?

To find this large kemono gems, players will need to progress through the main story until they reach the mission where they need to defend Minato from the Earthbreaker. To defeat the Earthbreaker, players should remember to equip weapons that can pierce and blunt them as well as have water attributes to ensure that players can get this rare material.

Players can also obtain this item by hunting Mighty Goldshards. This hunt will become available after you reach Chapter 3 and unlock Mighty Hunts. Upon encountering them, players must make sure that they have weapons that can pierce and blunt enemies, as well as having both plant and wind elemental attributes.

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