Wild Hearts Layered Armor (Explained)


The Monster Hunter series has their own take on transmogrification, which they call “Layered Armor,” and Wild Hearts is no exception, including a myriad of armor that players may craft and collect utilizing materials discovered and obtained by defeating various kemonos and other enemies. In this guide, players will learn if Wild Hearts has the same features as those in the MH series, so read on.

Is There Layered Armor in Wild Hearts?

The transmog system in Wild Hearts is very similar to that of the MH series. It’s called “Cladding” in-game, and it’s locked until Chapter 5’s main story is completed. It will take awhile, and cladding one’s favorite armor will take some time as well.

Is There Layered Armor in Wild Hearts

To use the Cladding System once it is unlocked, players will need to remember and follow these tips:

  • Players must have the piece of Armor that they want to turn into Cladding.
  • Money is highly required, so make sure to head to the Treasury and sell what spare rare items you have to earn additional gold.
  • Also, a Magical Orb is required and some of these orbs are found in different regions of the map. Certain Armor pieces are required to defeat a specific Deeply Volatile Kemono

Though Cladding Armor can be found only at the end of the game, players will need to remember one important fact and that is once the cladding is performed, their armor will be consumed permanently.

And that’s our guide on Layered Armor in Wild Hearts. Feel free to check out our other Wild Hearts-related articles and guides as well.

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