Where to Find Lightstones in Wild Hearts

Where to Find Lightstone in Wild Hearts

One of the most essential crafting components required to enhance your character’s early-game weapon is Wild Hearts Lightstones. Nonetheless, for some people, as you get deeper in the game, it can be challenging to remember where to collect this material, but don’t fret. Read ahead as we discuss the best places to find lightstones in Wild Hearts.

Where to Find Lightstone in Wild Hearts?

Lightstones in Wild Hearts can be found at Fuyufusagi Fort, but you won’t be able to reach this area until Chapter 2. You’ll likely revisit to this area often if you ever need more lightstones since it is the best place yet for spawning these ores.

Lightstone ores, on the other hand, can only be found throughout the environment in Wild Hearts. If you feel like you’ve gathered enough, you can then use these materials to craft or upgrade your equipment.

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