Wild Hearts Multiplayer Explained – How to co-op and invite friends

How Multiplayer Works in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts offers a variety of features including multiplayer. With the game being popular now on the major consoles, there are a ton of questions that players are asking about it. In this guide, players will learn how the multiplayer feature works including how many players can join online, so read on and enjoy.

How to Join Multiplayer in Wild Hearts?

Since there is a multiplayer feature in Wild Hearts, there are various ways for players to set up or join this feature for the game. The first method is through the main map. Players can join a hunt by finding a Kemono or a mission icon on the main map and hitting search. They can also join players who are taking these quests at the same time and do matchmaking online.

Another method is to rest by a campfire. While exploring the game and hunting down Kemonos, there will be campfires scattered throughout the mao. Interact with the camp to bring up the rest menu and select Play Online. This will allow players to search for lobbies or create their own room for other players to join online to form a hunting party.

The third way is to request assistance online. After departing for a mission or hunt, players will see an on-screen prompt appear asking them if they wish to request assistance. In doing so, other hunters can join your online session, dropping in and then leaving once a mission has been resolved.

The final known method is to enter Hunter’s Gates. Players will notice glowing portals scattered as they explore the different regions of Wild Hearts. These portals are known as Hunter’s Gate, which allows players to see what other players are doing in the same region. This feature will give players a chance to join other hunters in their quest and is considered the quickest and easiest way to join in.

How Many Players Can Join in Multiplayer Mode?

To answer the question of how many Wild Hearts players online can participate in one’s quest, the maximum number of players in a squad is 3. This game, though it shares similar styles to Monster Hunter and Toukiden, is pretty well balanced, as players can create various numbers of Karakuri devices that four players can use during a hunt.

Wild Hearts Multiplayer Pros and Cons

There are a ton of advantages when playing with others online. Players will have a more comfortable and easier time hunting other Kemonos. During these fights, players can cooperate with one another in various ways such as setting battle formations, traps, and more to block the way how a Kemono moves.

Players can choose a strategy to either be head of the squad and focus on fighting with melee weapons or choose to be a supporter who will be focused on healing allies and building various Karakuri to set up various traps and advantages for players to use.

The only downside that players will experience when using the multiplayer mode of Wild Hearts is that they will have a hard time unlocking a new Fusion Karakuri. When trying to obtain new mechanics for a Fusion Karakuri, players will need to sense a Flash of Inspiration when facing a Giant Kemono. During that instance, a certain input command will be revealed and players can interact with it. However, it will be a race on whom can react to it first thus making it hard to do so.

And that’s our guide on the multiplayer feature of Wild Hearts. Feel free to check out our other Wild Hearts-related articles and guides as well.

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