Wild Hearts: Tamakazura Character Guide

Find out Tamakazura's location and gain access to his bathhouse.

Wild Hearts Tamakazura Character Guide

Tamakazura is one of the most important NPCs in Wild Hearts, since he’s the one you’ll be looking for if you want to take your character on a nice healing bath that’s beneficial for increasing one’s HP. But where exactly can you find Tamakazura, and what features does he offer to players? Here’s what you need to know.

Wild Hearts Tamakazura Location

Tamakazura can be found in Minato. To get there, head over to Minato’s entry point first and change locations. Once done, open your Detailed Map and fast travel to the Great Gate Prospect. See the image below for reference:

Wild Hearts Tamakazura Bathhouse Location

Once there, head over to your right, and you’ll find Tamakazura at the Restorative Baths.

Players can unlock the village of Minato after successfully hunting the Kingtusk. After killing it, you'll eventually be tasked with unblocking a dragon pit and conjuring a flying vine to reach Minato.

Tamakazura’s Bathhouse

Tamakazura acts as the caretaker of the Bathhouse, and this is where players can develop new restorative baths to increase their maximum health.

However, the Bathhouse is still a broken building when you first arrive in Minato, and you won’t be able to fix it up until the end of Chapter 1.

Tamakazura's Bathhouse - Wild Hearts

To rebuild Tamakazura’s Bathhouse, you must first defeat your first Lavaback kemono, then activate the Dragon Pit in the back of Spirit Isle, and finally defeat the Earthbreaker kemono in the final setpiece hunt. 

Once you’ve hunted down the Earthbreaker, you can return to the Baths’ former location to find it in perfect operating condition under the ownership of Tamakazura.

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