Will Exoprimal Have a Story Mode?

With dinosaurs falling from the sky and advanced Exosuits with sci-fi supernatural abilities, it’s be disappointing if there wasn’t a story mode explaining it all in Exoprimal. There is just too much going on to leave everything completely ambiguous that there has to be something explaining it.

Read on, and this guide will fill you in on whether Exoprimal will have a Story Mode and what new content it would offer players if it does.

Will Exoprimal Have a Story Mode?

Yes, Exoprimal will have a story mode via Dino Survival, which is its primary game mode. It’s by playing Dino Survival that you’ll experience what happens in the story of the game.

Since Exoprimal is primarily a team-based shooter at its core, you’ll have to matchmake with players either PvE or PvP, depending on the settings you chose in Dino Survival. You’ll have to team up with other players and compete against other teams. Even in PvE mode, you’re competing against another group of players to see who can fulfill the objective first.

The premise of Exoprimal revolves around dinosaur outbreaks that are engulfing the globe and threatening humanity’s very existence. In the year 2040, humans have developed the Leviathan AI, which is responsible for predicting where future dinosaur outbreaks will take place. You are a highly sought-after Exosuit pilot who is combating these dinosaur outbreaks before they can cause damage to what’s left of the human race.

Exosuits are cutting-edge technology that was developed specifically to combat the dinosaur threat. In the story mode, you can change Exosuits at any time, even during battle, by performing a suit change. This means that you can rearrange your team composition immediately if something isn’t working out.

Exoprimal is online-only, so you can’t play the game offline. Since it requires that you match up with a team, you’ll need an internet connection to experience the game’s Story Mode.