Will Skull & Bones Be the Next Sea of Thieves?

Microsoft definitely dropped the bomb with Sea of Thieves as it proved to be a massive disappointment. It looked and felt great, but the problem was the content or lack thereof. Imagine, if you will, a pirate game where you’re free to do whatever you want. Sounds awesome right? Well, it’s only good if there’s anything to do. Sadly, Sea of Thieves had very little to offer, resulting in many to jump ship and find something better to play.

Ubisoft has decided to take a stab at the Pirate Adventure Genre! Except it feels as if there’s even less to do in it. Skull & Bones looks more like a ship simulator rather than a pirate game. From what we’ve seen so far, you control your vessel and explore the seas…that’s about all we got. Sure there are the occasional naval battles, but there doesn’t seem to be anything else. There isn’t any land exploration – you literally control your ship all throughout. You’d think that you could at least control your crew and board enemy ships to engage in exhilarating sword wielding, gunslinging action. Nope, all you get is a cutscene which shows that and it’s not even good.

While there seems to be a bunch of different options on how you wish to engage in combat – and by that, I mean shooting cannonballs until one side sinks to the briny deep – it just looks so repetitive. What’s the point of exploring a massive world if all you do is shoot down other unfortunate souls and nothing else? Repetitiveness and lack of progression are what killed Sea of Thieves and they may be what kills Skull & Bones.

Bad news (or good news for some) is that the game’s release date has been pushed back yet again. Instead of it coming out on May 2018, Ubisoft has confirmed during their E3 conference that it’s set for some time around 2019. That’s not what you want to hear, especially with a game that’s already in deep water.

Pirate puns aside, things are definitely not looking good for Skull & Bones. It’s not even out yet and already there’s a ton of negative responses and criticisms.  Since we have to wait another year, let’s see if Ubisoft manages to add more content to what otherwise looks like another Sea of Thieves. We should all pray for the best and hope Ubisoft gives this game what it needs. We don’t need another disappointment aye?