Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Best Glaive Build

How to make the best Glaive build in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

You may be tempted to make a Glaive build in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Being one of the 13 weapon types you can wield, the Glaive is a weapon that gives you a medium reach and can sweep enemies making it hard to miss them. Learn what to do to properly make the best Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Glaive build.

So what do you need to do to get the best Glaive build in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

Best Glaive Build for Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Here is what we recommend to make the best Glaive build for Wo Long Fallen Dynasty:

Glaive Weapon Combination

  • Primary Weapons: Glaive
  • Secondary Weapon: Straight Sabre

Since this is a Glaive build, equip the Glaive as your primary weapon. This weapon has wide-swinging attacks which makes it great for taking on multiple enemies at the same time. The Glaive will deplete enemy health and spirit in large chunks making it one of the best weapons to choose from in the polearm classes.

For your secondary weapon, we recommend the Straight Sabre as it pairs well with the Glaive. This has the added benefit of making Qi investments in the Wood Virtue which has an overall benefit to this build. The Straight Sabre also recovers faster than the Glaive making it a good weapon to switch to in case of emergencies where you need to deflect enemy attacks.

Take into account that the Glaive is a bit slow so it can be hard to use it against fast opponents that just won’t stay still. Use the Straight Sabre for faster fights to compensate for this weakness.

Glaive Stats/Virtues

  • Earth Virtue
  • Wood Virtue
  • Metal Virtue

Prioritize spending Qi points into the Earth Virtue as this will increase the damage of the Glaive. It will also increase your equipment load capacity which lets you wear heavier and better armor. The Earth Virtue has access to Wizardry Spells such as Enhanced Defense and Illusionary Shell which turn you into a tank.

Wood Virtue should be your second priority as this increases your maximum health a well as your Straight Sabre damage. You get access to some pretty interesting Wood Phases that could add to this Glaive build. If you have any extra Qi points left, then we recommend investing in Metal Virtue as this also increases your damage with the Glaive weapon.

Glaive Wizardry Spells

  • Rock Spike (Earth Phase)
  • Mighty Shockwave (Earth Phase)
  • Enhanced Defense (Earth Phase)
  • Quakebound (Earth Phase)
  • Stone Weapon (Earth Phase)
  • Illusionary Shell (Earth Phase)
  • Absorb Vitality (Wood Phase)

We highly recommend Rock Spike first as this gives you some breathing room from most enemies. Then go for Enhanced Defense which prevents flinch and is great for boss fights, especially against Zhuang Liang early on. Afterwards work your way into getting Might Shockwave, Quakebound, and Stone Weapon. When you finally have enough to invest, get the Illusionary Shell which absorbs potentially fatal damage.

For other phases, there isn’t much of anything enticing for this Glaive build other than the Wood Phase. There are a lot of buffs here for you and your allies. First get Lightning Bolt, then invest in Absorb Vitality which restores health upon dealing damage. You can take your pick of other Wizardry Spells from there on depending on what you like.

Glaive Divine Beasts

  • Qilin
  • Yinglong

You have two choices from the Earth elemental divine beasts which is Qilin and Yinglong. Either are good picks but it’s up to your preference on which you prefer. Qilin will give you more protection by summoning rocks in front of you, coat your weapon in stone damage, and decreases the overall damage that you take. Yinglong will increase the damage that you take and give you a second chance by reviving you upon death if your divine beast gauge is full.

Each beast comes with their own favors which are like passive buffs. Qilin seems to be better for this overall Glaive build but Yinglong has an edge in reviving you upon death.

Best Glaive Build in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

How to use the Glaive in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

The Glaive is an incredibly powerful weapon and should be used to clear out groups of enemies quickly. It’s a bit slow and it also leaves you vulnerable upon using its martial arts skills so timing is important. Despite this drawback, the Glaive is incredibly powerful to those who invest in the right Virtues, Wizardry, and Skills.

Due to how it resonates with the Earth Virtue, the Glaive is often on the defensive side. It has accesses to a lot of tank leaning abilities which prioritizes longevity and survivability. This weapon is great for players looking to beat Wo Long Fallen Dynasty with sheer perserverance.

That’s the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty best Glaive build. We hope this guide helped you in making the best character for this game.

Check out the Glaive gameplay from Axiom showing you how deadly this weapon is.