Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Best Straight Sabre Build

How to get the best build for Straight Sabre in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

You may be tempted to make the best Straight Sabre build you can in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. There are 13 weapons in the game you can wield, the Straight Sabre is a fast striking weapon with lightning quick strikes and speedy defection which makes it great for aggressive players. Learn what to do to properly make the best Wo Long Dynasty Straight Sabre build.

So what do you need to do to get the best Straight Sabre build in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

Best Straight Sabre Build for Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Here is what we recommend to make the best Straight Sabre build for Wo Long Fallen Dynasty:

Straight Sabre Weapon Combination

  • Primary: Straight Sabre
  • Secondary: Spears or Bows

Since this is a Straight Sabre build, equip the Straight Sabre as your primary weapon of choice. This weapon has a short range but makes up for it by being one of the fastest weapons in the game. It’s ability to quickly deflect attacks, make speedy counters, and quickly recover makes it a great weapon for aggressive gameplay.

For your secondary weapon, either Spears or Bows would do well. Both of these compensate for our Straight Sabre’s lack of reach. This can be up to preference but you have to pick if you want to go for the Fire Virtue which resonate with Spears or Water Virtue which resonate with Bows and Crossbows.

We recommend going with the Spear since it bodes better for an aggressive playstyle that the Straight Sabre encourages. It also helps that the Fire Virtue has some great bonuses for this build.

Straight Sabre Stats/Virtues

  • Wood Virtue
  • Fire Virtue
  • Water Virtue

You should prioritize investing Qi points into the Wood Virtue since this resonates with the Straight Sabre, increasing its damage. It also increases your maximum HP and reduces any Spirit loss from receiving attacks from your enemies. There are a lot of useful Wizardry Spells from the Wood Phases that you can get for this build.

Depending on what you picked for your secondary weapon, either Fire or Water Virtue will do. Spear resonates with Fire and Bow resonates with Water which increases their damage respectively. Fire Virtue does things like increasing the Spirit you gain from normal attacks and reduces your overall Spirit consumption which is a huge benefit. However Water Virtue is great for stealth if you want to pick enemies off before they notice you but it’s not much incentive against boss fights except for its excellent selection of Wizardry Spells.

Straight Sabre Wizardry Spells

  • Lightning Bolt (Wood Phase)
  • Absorb Ability (Wood Phase)
  • Lightning Weapon (Wood Phase)
  • Unstoppable Force (Wood Phase)
  • Absorb Vitality (Wood Phase)
  • Spirit Fervor (Wood Phase)
  • Cleanse (Wood Phase)
  • Focus Zone (Wood Phase)
  • Perfect Restoral (Wood Phase)
  • Overpower Burt (Fire Phase)

For starters go for the Lightning Bolt which is great for early in the game. Then work towards getting Absorb Vitality which is really good for when you’re low on health while staying on the offensive. Then get Unstoppable Force which helps you accumulate Spirit so you can keep performing martial arts. From here, Absorb Vitality and Spirit Fervor should be your next step before heading for Cleanse, Focus Zone, and Perfect Restoral.

Depending on whether you picked Fire or Water Virtues, you can either go for Flame Weapon or Ice Weapon for elemental damage. If you picked Fire Virtue, go for Overpower Burst which increases the power of your next martial art or wizardry spell.

Straight Sabre Divine Beasts

  • Zhuque
  • Xiezhi

Since the Straight Sabre aligns with the Fire Virtue, we recommend either Zhuque or Xiezhi. Though if we had to pick which one is better, we’d say go with Zhuque for his damage boost and lighting up the area in flames. Xiezhi isn’t half-bad with his ability to buff your weapon with flame damage.

Each Divine Beast comes with their own passive buffs in the form of favors. For example, Zhuque reduces your Spirit Gauge consumption for your Fire Phases. It’s a factor in considering which Divine Beast you think is best for this Straight Sabre build.

Best Straight Sabre Build

How to use the Straight Sabre in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

The Straight Sabre is a fast and swift weapon that has a pretty balanced defensive and offensive options. It’s easy to parry with this weapon and chain normal attacks to quickly gain Spirit gauge. With the right Straight Sabre build, this makes it one of the best weapons in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

It resonates a lot with the Fire Virtue which gives it access to damage dealing buffs. Because of this, you’re encourage to use it aggressively against enemies.

That’s the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty best Straight Sabre build. We hope this guide helped you in making the best character for this game.

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