World of Warcraft Sylvanas Cosplay is the Most Accurate Replica to Date

When it gets completed with makeup and contacts, it will be the perfect cosplay of Sylvanas.

One big fan of World of Warcraft has recently created an eye-catching Sylvanas cosplay and it is incredibly detailed like in the game.

Redditor sarahdeanmakesthings has taken her Sylvanas cosplay to a whole new level and it looks incredible. While any fan knows that a cosplay of this particular character is quite difficult due to the meticulous design like the skulls on the pauldrons, to the breast armor, she just got it all perfectly. The trick was getting all of the specific details from a painted miniature of Sylvanas. She got them all correctly: hoodie, the torn-up cape, pauldrons, armored boots, breastplate, leggings, even the quiver and arrows.

Sylvanas cosplay

The cosplayer did share some secrets in order to make this cosplay work, especially the boots. She revealed that these were the most challenging ones to make. According to her, she made the base layer with a pair of black leggings and then made stretchy pleather boot covers that would hook onto the leggings on her thighs to keep them from sliding down. If it were to be taken literally without the context, it would have been impossible to do since it is not logically possible, but with this workaround, it works perfectly.

sarahdeanmakesthings still does not have the body paint, eyebrows, contacts, and makeup images to complete the whole getup, but when she does, it will be one incredible cosplay to remember.

This World of Warcraft Sylvanas cosplay looks incredibly accurate, down to the scratches and cracks. It is almost the perfect replica of the one that game character wears that any fan would definitely be having a “fangasm” after viewing this incredible armor.