How to Start the Dragonflight Quest in World of Warcraft

Learn how to start the Dragonflight Questline in WoW: Dragonflight

World of Warcraft Dragonflight Questline Guide

One of Blizzard’s most popular titles, World of Warcraft, offers a wide variety of quests. Dragonflight, one of the expansion’s newest questlines, is a challenging but rewarding adventure to which players have been looking forward. Read on, and this guide will break down the important details on how to start the quest and continue your journey in the World of Warcraft.

How to Start the Dragonflight Quest in WoW?

Players must fulfill particular requirements before embarking on the quest. To start, players need to be level 58 or higher and have purchased the Dragonflight expansion. Once they have met these conditions, they will need to travel also to the Dragon Isles.

How to Reach the Dragon Isles for the Dragonflight Quest

To reach the Dragon Isles, players must accept the Dragonscale Expedition quest, which can be unlocked after purchasing the expansion set.

Dragon Isles - Dragonflight - WoW

The quest will be given to players automatically once they log in. Keep in mind that the players’ locations will vary, though, depending on the type of player they are.

Dragonflight Starting Quest Chain – Horde

As a Horde, players will need to travel to Orgrimmar and look for Ebyssian, as he will ask them to gather the following people for the expedition to the Dragon Isles:

  • Artisans
  • Explorers
  • Scholars
Horde - Dragonflight - WoW

After that, start the “To the Dragon Islands” quest by speaking with Archmage Khadgar and Kodethi in Orgrimmar. Thereafter, make your way to the Zeppelin Tower outside of Orgrimmar to await the arrival of the Defiant Dragonscale. Finally, players will be headed straight to the isles instantly.

Dragonflight Starting Quest Chain – Alliance

As a member of the Alliance, traveling to Stormwind City is the first step. From there, they will need to look for Wrathion near the Stormwind Keep and will need to gather the following people:

  • Artisans
  • Explorers
  • Scholars
Alliance - Dragonflight - WoW

You can then accept the “To the Dragon Islands!” quest by speaking with Storm Hunter William in Stormwind Harbor after speaking with Dervishian and Archmage Khadgar in Stormwind City and receiving the Chasing Storms quest. Now, head down to the south dock in Stormwind Harbor and patiently await the arrival of the Rugged Dragonscale which leads directly to the Dragon Isles.

And that’s how to start the Dragonflight Quest in World of Warcraft. If players like this guide, feel free to check out our other World of Warcraft-related guides and articles.

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