Yooka-Laylee Developer Now Playtonic Friends Publishing Label; Signs Up Three Studios

The guys behind the popular platformer series Yooka-Laylee have now made its own publishing label called Playtonic Friends.

Aside from the new name, they have also shared their goal. They are going help studios release “fresh, creative and compelling” titles. There are now three game studios that have signed up, which are Okidokico, Fabraz, and Awe Interactive.

Here’s what Playtonic boss Gavin Price told Eurogamer:

We like seeing great games come out and achieve success. We don’t like seeing great games come out and not get the attention or love, or the commercial success they deserve. Sadly that’s too common a story in the industry.

We thought, well, if we can help great games come out and get attention and have that better chance, having given developers this long-term sustainability, everyone wins… We’ve always had people coming to us for advice, but one of the advantages of being old is having all this experience. We’ve had experience of being first-party, being independent, of doing crowd-funding. We have a lot to share.

There’s no barrier to the types of games and people we went to help. It would be arbitrary to say ‘we can’t help you because your game doesn’t have a million different collectibles’. There’s companies we’ll be working with and games we’ll be announcing which will make people go, ‘woah, how did we get from a chameleon and a bat to this over here?

But as we’re going to be working with great partners through the Playtonic Friends label, we may find some great people who can help us with content in the Yooka-Laylee universe as well.

Price did clarify that the publishing side will be handled by a different set of staff members. They are also looking for a different set of staff for development. Playtonic Friends will be handled by Executive Producer Andy Wilson and Business Development Boss Steph Darrah.

Source: Eurogamer