10 Games That Definitely Need A Remaster

In this generation of gaming, a lot of people are trying to remaster or remake classic old games that made our childhood great. People nowadays want to see their old favorites again just to have that nostalgic feeling while playing. Final Fantasy 7 was one of the games that a lot of fans wanted to see remade, and now that it had became a reality, people want to see more games to have that Final Fantasy 7 remake overhaul.

Here at Sirus Gaming, we also have a list of games that we want to see having a remake. Just so you know, remake and remasters are different. Remasters are games that has the same graphics but with a minor touch-up, also making it HD, while remakes are games that developers will re-do everything from scratch, but with the same story and plots, perfect examples of remakes are Resident Evil 1 and Ratchet & Clank.

Here are the top 10 classic games that we want to play again with new graphics and with a modern touch:

Silent Hill

Konami made a huge mistake cancelling Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro’s Silent Hills. The franchise was known to be one of the scariest games of all time. The original Silent Hill was one of the games that made me want to play with the lights on. The story was about a father looking for his daughter in a creepy fictional American town of Silent Hill. This psychological horror game still freaks me out on my spine every time I play it on my PS1. The cancellation of P.T. was a huge disappointment, but I hope that they would consider making a remake with the original gameplay so that they would realize how Silent Hill became the one of the scariest game of all time.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

BioWare is known for having great stories and gameplay, and Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR) is one great example. Xbox and PC had one of the best Star Wars game ever created, story was complex but well-polished, KotOR takes place thousands of years before the Star Wars films where the Republic and Sith are in the midst of a power struggle. As a fan of the Star Wars franchise, this is a game that gives me the freedom on which side I’m in, I can be on the dark side or in the light. The original game had a lot of technical issue, but despite of that, it received a lot of positive reviews from the public, I’m hoping BioWare will give this classic a chance.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time

Yes! I need to play this again, Breath of the Wild was recently hailed to be one of the best games in history, but before that happened, Ocarina of Time was the best Zelda title ever made. Some fans made a mod changing the graphics into HD. While watching the redone graphics of Ocarina of time, it made me think that this classic really needs to be remade. Not only because of nostalgia, but also to experience how fun it was before. Solving puzzles and fighting enemies with its lock on key, ocarina of time was a ground-breaking experience that changes the game industry up until now, it would be awesome if Nintendo would remake this game on the wii u or switch.

Final Fantasy 6

Don’t get me wrong, but compared to Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 6 had a better story and a set of characters. I’m excited for the remake of Final Fantasy 7 but I will be more excited if they do a remake of 6. Square was open of the idea remaking the game; but unfortunately, it was pushed aside in favor for the succeeding 3D titles of the franchise. Making a remake of Final Fantasy 6 will be a lot of work and that’s changing the game into 2D to 3D, but if it’s handled right, this will be a huge hit.

The main villain Kelka was one of the reason why FF6‘s story was so special, a sadistic clown who is similar to The Joker. He is different from all the JRPG villains because instead of bragging, he wants to destroy the world, which he was able to, and become a god. Seeing him again will be a heart-pumping moment and it’s exciting. Please Square Enix! After you’re done with the Final Fantasy 7 remake, please do one for Final Fantasy 6.


Lived by Honor, Kill by Stealth — this was the series’ slogan and they stayed true to it. Tenchu was one of the first 3D Stealth game that led to many great sequels. Released back in 1998, Tenchu was developed by Acquire, a Japanese company who also created the Way of the Samurai, Shinobido and Akiba’s Trip. When I was a kid, this game was overwhelming due to its difficulty and mature content, but this made me a fan of the stealth genre. I always wanted to get the Grandmaster record every time I finished a stage, and the more I continue playing it the more I get addicted in hiding and slicing each of my enemy’s throats (geez).

Maybe it’s time that this classic gets a remake. Seeing a game about a ninja who uses stealth is very rare today. Imagine seeing Ayame and Rikimaru back in today’s graphics, hiding in shadow and doing cool stealth kills, if they cannot bring Assassins Creed to japan, might as well have a remake for this game instead.

Brave Fencer Musashi

Back in 1998, Sony and Square wanted to compete with Nintendo. They created a lovable and cocky samurai to compete with Zelda, even though Zelda was more popular, Musashi leaves a wonderful mark in my childhood. Brave Fencer Musashi is an action-RPG, which the genre was rare at that time. Square was known to have great turned-based RPG games and they took a risk by making an action game with RPG elements in it.

There is the usual interaction in the towns, like sleeping, eating, buying items and accessories, drinking and talking to the townspeople, etc. Why do I want a remake for this one? It’s easy, this game has a lot of potential, reviving and remaking it to a modern game will really impress the fans and the newcomers because of its gameplay and story. I would like to see Musashi again swinging his two swords and absorbing enemies to copy their powers!

Super Mario 64

A revolutionary game that inspired a lot of 3D platformers today, without it games like Gex, Ratchet & Clank, and Jak & Daxter wouldn’t have happened. This was not the first 3D game ever made but this one made 3D games work the way it should be. Super Mario Odyssey is coming this year, but I also want to see Super Mario from the Nintendo 64 being remade again, why? Because it is one of the greatest video game ever made. That’s it.

Chrono Trigger

This time travelling RPG never gets old. Almost all fans of the RPG genre want to see a remake for this beloved classic. This was created by one of the most talented RPG makers in the 90s, teaming up to create this epic game that will be remembered by most of the gamers before.

This was a unique approach for the genre, instead of having a visual cut-away before entering the battlefield which was found in almost all the RPG games before, Chrono Trigger lets you see the enemy and lets you attack in the area where you found the enemy. Seeing a remake of this game would be difficult, changing from 2D to 3D is a lot of work, but if that happens, I will go to Square Enix office and thank them personally.


1998 was the year for great games! With the release of great titles like Half-Life, Banjo-Kazooie, Ocarina of Time, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil 2, Crash Bandicoot 3, Xenogears was one of them. It’s a game with a very cool concept, playing it as a human or in a mecha suit. The story is very complex, it’s a blend of confusing political and religious issues. Maybe as a kid, that was too much for me, what I really loved about this game was how the gameplay worked and how the story progresses. The gameplay was a bit of a challenge but the joy of combining different kind of attacks/arts you choose makes the game more exciting. Making a remake of Xenogears is a must, as an adult I believe I can now understand the story well. This game has a lot of potential to be great again.

Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2

The original Metal Gear on the NES was Hideo Kojima’s first successful game. It was supposed to be an action game, but due to its design limitation, it became a stealth genre instead. I’m dying to see Snake on his first mission of rescuing Grey Fox, that also led him to destroy Metal Gear. As a fan of the series, this is the only game that I wasn’t able to play, and I’m open to play the PS3 remastered version of it, but still playing this on 3D and with modern visuals is a dream come true.

Kojima and Konami planned to remake this game before, but with the conflict between Konami and Kojima, this was totally closed, instead Konami gave us a zombie game that no one asked. Remaking this classic will give us justice for the ending of The Phantom Pain, I’m just hoping Konami will gave the series back to Kojima and make our dreams come true.

How about you guys? What games do you want to have a remake? Please leave your comments below.