Octopath Traveler, the RPG the Switch Deserves?

Square Enix has lately acknowledged the shortage of physical cartridges around the world. That’s a very positive reaction from the gamers, mind you. And if you’re just here to read the answer to the title, then my answer is yes. Yes, Octopath Traveler is the RPG the Nintendo Switch deserves.

Wait, what? You want me to expand on that? Ugh, fine.

Octopath Traveler is a turn-based Japanese Role Playing Game. That’s what JRPG stands for, by the way, you newbie you *wink. The first thing you’ll notice about this game is its visuals. The art style is somewhat a mix of the SNES era of video games, and today’s 3D exploration. It’s what OT’s devs call “HD-2D”. This technique added depth to the world of Octopath, making the environments feel more alive, all in its pixelated glory.

Of course, the HD-2D style is just a fraction of how the game is because, obviously, looks aren’t everything.

As the title suggests, Octopath Traveler features eight playable characters. “Octo”-“path”. There I dumbed it down for those who couldn’t follow. Each of these individuals has their own stories to tell. Some stories are epic, some are tragic, some are downright depressing – but it all depends on how emotional you are as a person. Heh. Anyway, while continuing one hero’s journey, you get to meet the other seven around the world. You can even invite them to your party. In turn, this lets you unlock the other heroes’ story and open up new quests. Whatever path you choose.

What makes Octopath Traveler a must-have for JRPG fans, however, is the deep and strategic gameplay. Each hero has their own abilities in which they can interact with the people and objects around the in-game world. For example, a dancer can seduce random civilians, making them follow her wherever she goes. During a battle, the victim can then be summoned for attacking. Neat, huh? Not only that, the gameplay mechanics during battle is even a mix of old and new.

There’s a lot of possibilities on experimenting with the heroes’ attacks and abilities during enemy encounters. This makes every battle be filled with thoughtful strategizing and careful planning. Who am I kidding, you can just go all out if you want to. That’s the beauty of Octopath. This game just gives players the freedom they want, playing the game at their own pace, anytime, anywhere. *cue Switch click sound*

The Nintendo Switch is only more than a year old. Currently, the console’s thirsty for more original and outstanding games from third-party publishers. Octopath Traveler is the perfect addition to the growing list of titles on Nintendo’s hybrid and is most definitely the RPG the Switch deserves.