5 Difficult Games That Give You A Hard Time

Source: Steam

Video games are always destined to be our safe haven from reality, though some games can be punishing or unforgiving than reality itself. These type of games will always give us two options: keep fighting or give up. Here’s a list of the notorious games that made me think to break my controller or keyboard in half:

Dark Souls and Demon Souls

Source: Steam

The infamous Souls series that is known cruel to anyone who steps into their world. A tough challenge and no enemy can be taken for granted. In other games, dying is failure but here, dying a lot is part of it.


An exclusive game for PS4. A number would say that this game was more punishing than the Souls series. They have similar mechanics but this pushes you into more aggressive ways.

Devil May Cry 3

It would actually make you feel like you’re Dante, the demon-hunter. Set of flashy skills will be needed to defeat an enemy and some of them were entirely impossible to defeat. It is by far one of the most hardest games in the series.

Castlevania 3

One the toughest games in the series. It was indeed enjoyable but it was also devious and tricky and gets difficult on every stage. A lot of gamers had trouble in defeating Dracula and it was labeled by many as the hardest one in the series.

Don’t Starve

Seems like an easy game if you judge its creativity but don’t let it fool you. A survival game that requires you to keep an eye out for your hunger, rest and sanity. The goal is to survive long and if you die, there are no reloads. It restarts only.

A game can be reviewed with vary difficulties, depending on how it was played. Us gamers also vary in the ideas of challenge, difficulty and skills. We also have different experiences on every game genre. Not all of us would agree in choosing a hardcore game but we all agree that it is still fun, despite the non stop cursing, crying and maybe rage quitting.