5 Most Interesting YouTube Gaming Personalities

Gaming. Defined by Google as the action or practice of playing video games. As kids we have been exposed to it and some of us even continue playing them until adulthood. It serves as our entertainment.

A stress reliever. Some call it their way out. But did you know that a selected few have made it their way of life as well? And by way of life, I mean making it into a full-blown career and are able to make thousands even millions from it. Here are 5 Top Gaming Personalities you may (or may not) know exists.

#5: Stampylonghead. Also known as Joseph Garret stars as the main voice actor of StampyCat. He usually publishes comical skits based on characters as well as the environment from a well-known game — Minecraft. But instead of the typical let’s plays you see in YouTube, he instead targets younger audiences by narrating educational stories which garnered positive feedback from a lot of people. He prides himself in entertaining kids which earned him an endearing comment from a well renowned (Forbes)  journalist, Jordan Shapiro calling him “a major player in children’s programming”. With an admirable 8,795,950 subscribers, this personality is a primary example that YouTube can still be a safe haven for kids of all ages.

#4: Jacksepticeye. Known as Seán William McLoughlin by his peers is another gamer you can’t afford to forget. With his green hair and irish accent, he grabs a spot on this list being Youtube’s (self-proclaimed) most energetic videogame commentator. You may (or may have not) watched his let’s plays but this guy has already amassed a staggering 17,214,928 subscribers and an average of 7 billion views which proves my previous statements about him. He has streamed/uploaded several AAA games including his all-time faves Undertale, Shadow of the Colossus and Dark Souls to name a few. With his very energetic personality and unique voice pitch, should you need someone to lift your spirits while watching playthroughs, this guy should always be on your search list.

#3: Markiplier. Mark Edward Fischbach more commonly known as Markiplier is one for the books. With his manly looks and deep voice you wouldn’t expect him to sound like a squeamish little girl when he starts playing indie, horror-survival games like Five Nights at Freddies (FNAF) or Amnesia: The Dark Descent. He also plays non-horror games like Happy Wheels, Subnautica or Surgeon Simulator 2013 as well as high-end AAA games like The Last of Us, the Resident Evil series and The Evil Within. Boasting an astounding 18,865,503 subscribers coupled by an 8 billion view average. This guy just proves that there is no shame in blatantly screaming at enemy monsters all day. Even for good reason.

#2: ElrubiusOMG, born Rubèn Doblas Gundersen is a YouTube streamer based from Mejas, Spain. This youtube personality started way back 2006 when he started publishing his  let’s plays for a very popular openworld game entitled — The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. He has amassed a whopping 26,537,297 subscribers and averaging 5 billion views second only to PewdiePie (who is also on this list). With these kinds of numbers, there’s no wonder why elrubiusOMG ranks 6th as the most subscribed YouTuber of all time and ranks first among other YouTubers in Spain.

#1: Pewdiepie. Named Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, a swedish video comedian and director. He’s also the main runner of the hit YouTube channel (you guessed it), Pewdiepie. He started uploading videos since the year 2010 and have run the entire webverse by storm surpassing 1 million subscribers by the year 2012. A legend in itself, owning 58,241,187 subscribers and held the record of being the most viewed YouTube channel since December 2014 to February 2017 averaging 16 billion views, that’s right folks, 16 BILLION. He has remained undisputed althroughout. With his silly antics and much like Markiplier where he screams his head off and curses in Swedish, this YouTube personality will (if he hasn’t yet) leave a mark that will definitely go down in YouTube History.

Gaming. As defined above is an act of playing video games. Some people my misjudge adults smitten into the world of gaming as childish, irresponsible and downright nonsensical. But these people have definitely proved them wrong. Clearly, making huge amounts of money from doing what you love? It doesn’t get any better than this.