A Plague Tale Requiem Trailer Showcases Evolved Siblings Gameplay

The departure of innocence and the introduction of Requiem.

A new A Plague Tale Requiem trailer has been uploaded and it showcases how Amicia and Hugo’s abilities after the events of the first game.

A Plague Tale Requiem Trailer Shows Sibling Evolution

Asobo Studio has recently released the overview trailer that features the evolved abilities and gameplay of the siblings in the upcoming sequel. It shows how Hugo and Amicia have changed from the events in Innocence and now revealing them three years after.

According to Game Director Kevin Choteau on the PlayStation Blog, both children have had to evolve a great deal and evolve fast to face the trials that life puts in front of them. During these times in Requiem, times are extremely cruel and they have experienced a lot of atrocities and events that are far bigger than them. This has made their personalities and abilities evolve in the process. Amicia has now learned to fight and kill, and Hugo has learned to master his powers.

Amicia Becomes Combat Hardened

With Amicia, she is now more hardened in combat. She has new weapon sets including a new and improved version of the sling and a powerful crossbow that can definitely put a bolt in between the eyes of her enemies.

One of Amicia’s main challenges is learning to control herself. Her trauma from Innocence has resurfaced again and she has to deal with that in order to protect her brother. She needs to learn and accept the use of force and to do that, she needs to kill in order to develop a taste for it.

In Innocence, the sibling’s enemies were the Inquisition and English soldiers, which were organized. In his sequel, they will now encounter mercenaries and smugglers who are very violent and unpredictable individuals. They can also adapt to Amicia’s moves, which can be a real challenge for her.

a plague tale requiem trailer amicia

Amicia will need to control the risk of escalation or else it will be problematic for both her and her brother. There are many options to use when they approach a situation and players will need to choose wisely. There are also a lot of tools to use, new alchemical recipes, an improved sling, and the new crossbow.

The sister will now have to rely heavily on environment-specific resources in order to make them her strongest asset. Guerilla tactics are key here where she can use those to surprise and harass their opponents. Some of them are breaking tarpots to slow down enemies, burning tall grass, and many more. Players will have more avenues to choose from in Requiem compared to the prequel.

Hugo Becomes Powerful But Comes with a Price

In Innocence, Hugo was just on the bench, a spectator, trying to keep up with Amicia and getting out of the way. He was also discovering the world as they were trying to get away from their captors, taking in all of the new details he saw. Now he has become active and aware of the danger. He has now improved the powers that he used at the end of Innocence and continues this in Requiem.

Hugo has a supernatural ability to control rats and sic them on their enemies. He has a risk of losing control though while fighting, which will be challenging for players. He could destroy a whole city if he wanted to and it has become even clearer here in Requiem.

The rats actually share their perception and feelings with Hugo while he is controlling them and that affects him psychologically. Every time he controls the rats, it damages him a bit more so players might want to tone down his use of those abilities.

Hugo and Amicia have come a long way indeed from Innocence and now they have hugely improved in Requiem. All powerful, and mature but also has some personal traumas to deal with.

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A Plague Tale Requiem launches on October 18, 2022. It will be available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. Pre-order now to get exclusives.

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