Above Snakes Recipes List

This guide will go through all the basics of how cooking works and list down all the available recipes in Above Snakes.

Above Snakes Recipes List

In Above Snakes, you will need to forage and hunt animals for food as part of your survival. And once you’ve gathered a wide variety of ingredients, you’ll likely want to try your hand at cooking and discover a wide range of recipes; you won’t be able to skip this one since it’s one of the essentials of keeping your character alive. Read ahead as we explain how cooking works in Above Snakes and list down all the recipes and ingredients you can obtain in the game.

How Cooking Works in Above Snakes

Once you’ve crafted and set up your first Camp Fire, you will be able to start cooking early on in the game. You can only add a maximum of three ingredients in the cooking slots, and you’ll discover new recipes by experimenting with different combinations of ingredients. So long as you have the necessary ingredients and know what they are, you may prepare any food that gives you the specific buff you currently need.

How Cooking Works - Above Snakes Recipes

One of two ingredients is necessary for each recipe in Above Snakes, and you need to have all the ingredients exactly as mentioned in the recipe. For example, “Mint Tea Smooth” require Wild Mint, Water, and Honey. So replacing Honey with another Wild Mint will get you “Mint Tea” instead of “Mint Tea Smooth”.

All Above Snakes Recipes

  • Bread – Flour (x3)
  • Carrot Soup – Water, Wild Carrot (x2)
  • Coffee – Coffee Beans Roasted (x2), Water
  • Coffee Beans Roasted – Coffee Beans Raw
  • Cooked Meat – Raw Meat (x1)
  • Cornbread – Corn (x2), Flour
  • Fertilizer – Bones (x3)
  • Flour – Wheat (x3)
  • Grilled Fish – Fish Meat
  • Grilled Fish Skewer – Fish Meat (x3)
  • Huckleberry Bowl – Huckleberry (x3)
  • Huckleberry Tart – Huckleberry (x2), Flour
  • Meat Pie – Raw Meat (x2), Flour
  • Meat Skewer – Raw Meat (x3)
  • Mint Tea – Water, Wild Mint (x2)
  • Mint Tea Smooth – Honey, Water, Wild Mint
  • Miracle Powder – Desert Sage (x3)
  • Mushroom Soup – King Bolete (x2), Water
  • Popcorn – Corn (x3)
  • Pound Cake – Flour, Vanilla Flower (x2)
  • Pumpkin Bread – Flour, Pumpkin (x2)
  • Spicy Meat – Jalapeno Pepper, Raw Meat
  • Syrup – Honey, Vanilla Flower
  • Thistle Tea – Thistle (x2), Water
  • Water – Dirty Water
  • Weak Coffee – Coffee Beans Roasted, Water (x2)
  • Weak Mint Tea – Water (x2), Wild Mint
  • Weak Thistle Tea – Thistle, Water (x2)
  • Winterberry Muffin – Flour, Winterberry
  • Winterberry Tart – Flour, Winterberry (x2)
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