How to Get Resin in Above Snakes

This guide will teach you how to get resin fast in Above Snakes, including all the necessary steps you need to complete during the process.

How to Get Resin in Above Snakes

Resin in Above Snakes is a collectible resource needed to craft Pelt Boots, the equipment necessary to survive the freezing cold in the snow-covered forest. The process of getting resin is pretty straightforward, but just like all the other resources and materials you’ve unlocked so far, there are certain prerequisites to complete before you can get it. If you’re wondering how to get resin in Above Snakes, here’s what you need to do.

Get Resin from Birch Trees

Get Resin from Birch Trees - Above Snakes
Above Snakes birch trees are typically white and have slender trunks and branches.

To get resin in Above Snakes, you need to chop down birch trees, which can be found in the Birch Forest Worldpiece. Performing a search for birch trees will only get you branches and birch bark, while chopping them will earn you lumber and resin. You’ll need an axe to chop it down, though, and the earliest one you can probably craft is the Tin Axe.

Do note that the Birch Forest Worldpiece requires 4 Wooden Beams and 4 Rocks to unlock. You can only get wooden beams by upgrading your workbench to Tier 4, at which point you can build a Sawmill.

Building a sawmill requires a sawblade, and you can find one near the porch outside of Lumberjack’s Cabin. However, this will not spawn until you return to Stark and complete the “A Special Gift Quest”. After building the sawmill, you can then start crafting the wooden beams necessary to research the Birch Forest Worldpiece, at which point you will also be able to collect resin from chopping down birch trees to be used for crafting the Pelt Boots.