How to Get Clay in Above Snakes

Learn how to get and farm clay efficiently in Above Snakes with the help of this guide. Dig mounds of dirt and upgrade your workbench.

How to Get Clay in Above Snakes

Clay in Above Snakes is the key material that you’ll need to get in order to upgrade your workbench to Tier 5. Players at this point face a bottleneck that kind of holds their progress back since wanting to get a hefty amount of clay can be a bit difficult early on in the game, but don’t fret. This guide will teach you the most efficient and probably the only way to get clays so far in Above Snakes, so read on.

How to Get Clays in Above Snakes?

Clay in Above Snakes can initially be found in The Invaded Ranch and Farmland Worldpiece. Clays usually appear as brown, circular dirt mounds that can be seen on the ground within the Farmlands, and you will need to craft a Shovel in order to dig them up. You can get 1 Clay each from digging a clay mound.

How to Get Clays - Above Snakes

If you haven’t unlocked The Invaded Ranch and Farmland Worldpiece yet, progress through Shayan and The Chief’s quest in Kacheda Village. Once done, you’ll be given The Invaded Ranch, but you need to connect it to the “Prairie/Farmland” worldpiece first before you can place it on the map tiles. Make sure there’s enough room to fit the Farmland worldpiece; place it wisely in order to add extra Farmland tiles in the long run.

The Invaded Ranch biome initially houses the first 2 clay spots you can farm, and once that mound spot has been dug, it will not respawn for another two days in-game. Simply repeat the process until you get 5 clays and upgrade your workbench to Tier 5. This way, you can progress through Basil’s quest in the Invaded Ranch and unlock more Worlpieces that contain clay.