How to Get a Pet Wolf in Above Snakes

Learn how to get a pet wolf in Above Snakes with this guide. Enhance your gaming experience with a loyal companion for hunting and looting resources.

How to Get a Pet Wolf in Above Snakes

Above Snakes lets players obtain a pet wolf by simply progressing through NPC quests in one of the early game biomes they can unlock. Considering the game’s nature, having a pet companion is probably one of the most rewarding things to have as you hunt, build your base, and fight for survival. So, if you want a Pet Wolf in Above Snakes, this guide will tell you how to get one and what you’ll need to do it.

How to Get a Pet Wolf

In order to get a Pet Wolf in Above Snakes, you’ll need to unlock the Kacheda Village Worldpiece and take on Shayan’s Favor questline. The first quest is called “The Infected Wolf”, where you basically need to kill a white wolf with green eyes, which can be found in the Snow-covered forest biome.

How to Get a Pet Wolf quest 1 - Above Snakes

It’s not a particularly hard challenge; as long as you have a few arrows and keep your distance, you should be able to take out the wolf without taking damage. Once done, head back to Shayan, and she’ll tell you to look into the wolf den under the big tree near the area where you found the infected wolf.

Head back to Snow-covered forest, and you’ll see a new quest marker beside the Dead Oak tree in the middle. Interact with the Wolf Den to start a new quest called “The Wolf Cub”.

How to Get a Pet Wolf quest 2 - Above Snakes

The quest will require two types of food: Cooked meat and Grilled fish. You’ll need to cook both in order to lure the wolf cub out of its den. If you don’t know the recipes for both foods yet, then you can check out our complete recipe guide in Above Snakes.

Once done, place both foods on the snow tablets in front of the wolf den. Wait for the wolf cub to come out and eat the food, then pet it afterwards.

How to Get a Pet Wolf quest 3 - Above Snakes

From here, you’ll just need to “Gain the Wolf Cub’s Trust” by feeding it with Winterberries (Huckleberries won’t do). Once done, it’ll follow you wherever you go.

That’s how to get a Pet Wolf in Above Snakes. The wolf cub provides more than simply blind loyalty; it also offers a number of advantages. It can do your digging and resource gathering for you. So make sure to get this companion early on in the game. Good luck out there, survivor.