AEW Fight Forever Secrets & Easter Eggs

There are many secrets and Easter eggs throughout AEW Fight Forever. Discover them all with this guide.

AEW Fight Forever has a few secrets and Easter eggs for fans to discover. This arcade-wrestler has a surprising amount of depth hidden behind the scenes that you normally wouldn’t uncover at a glance. Take a look at interesting secrets and easter eggs that the game has hidden beneath the surface.

This guide will teach you where to find the AEW Fight Forever secrets and easter eggs hidden in the game.

Orange Cassidy Sloth Stance

Orange Cassidy Sloth Stance - AEW: Fight Forever Secrets

A rather cocky move, Orange Cassidy is the only wrestler who can put his hands in his pockets and fight that way. This stance is called Sloth Stance and to use it press the right stick button while you’re standing. You actually need to do this if you want to earn the Who Needs Hands trophy/achievement.

While in the Sloth Stance, Orange Cassidy can perform unique special moves. He can run across the ring with his hands in his pockets and do a surprise kick while his opponent’s guard is lowered.

You Can Customize Your Entrance Effects

You Can Customize Your Entrance Effects - AEW: Fight Forever Secrets

When editing a wrestler, you can choose to customize what effects to add to their entrance by going to the Entrance Scene option. Go to the Advanced settings and you’ll see multiple ways you can customize the effects of a wrestler’s entrance. From their gestures as they walk down the entrance to special effects like fireworks and confetti and even filters, you have plenty of control here.

This goes even deeper if you’re playing a wrestler with multiple champion titles. You can make them hold out their champion belts during an entrance on each hand. If a particular wrestler has three championship belts, they’ll wear one on their waist while holding the other two on each hand. Any extras will be carried on their shoulders.

Hidden Weapons

Hidden Weapons - AEW: Fight Forever Secrets

AEW Fight Forever has more than 40 weapons you can use which you can find by either looking under the ring or getting them from the crowd. You can even use the championship belt as a weapon if you play as a champion wrestler during the match.

If you’re playing as a wrestler with multiple championship titles, then you can pull out all of your championship belts to use as weapons. What’s interesting is that the championship belt is also used to pose as a taunt and has heavy hits that will knock the opponent down.

Customize Weapons

Customize Weapons - AEW: Fight Forever Secrets

In addition to being able to use weapons, you can also customize weapons in AEW Fight Forever. Hidden away in the Edit Profile menu, you’ll find an option for Weapon Decal which allows you to customize the look of your weapons. From here you can either add an image for wrestler icons for the characters in the roster of the game or select a background which allow you to apply a pattern. Once you select an option, it will apply to all weapons which you can preview by cycling through with either the SQUARE (PlayStation consoles) or X (Xbox consoles) buttons.

Jumping Between Ladders

Jumping Between Ladders - AEW: Fight Forever Secrets

Wrestlers can jump between two step ladders. When pulling out a step ladder from beneath the ring, it’s possible to pull out a second step ladder. Upon climbing the step ladder, you can use this to jump to the other one provided that you’re near enough. This is useful in certain matches when you need to prevent your opponent from grabbing something dangling in the air. You can even use this to perform special signature moves to the other wrestler opposite of your step ladder.