Alan Wake 2: All Weapons Locations

How to get every gun in Alan Wake 2 for Alan and Saga.

Alan Wake 2 - All Weapons Locations

In Alan Wake 2 weapons are your main way of defending yourself against the Taken. These enemies may be made vulnerable to the light, but they’re still weak against good old firearms.

There are 2 playable protagonists in Alan Wake 2 and each of them have their own unique arsenal of weapons. Many weapons are entirely optional and can be missed especially for Saga. Collecting all 8 weapons in Alan Wake 2 gives you the All Accounted For trophy.

In this guide, I will show you where to find every gun for both Alan and Saga.

Alan Wake’s Weapon Locations


  • Get it from the chapter Initiation 2: Casey
Revolver Location
  • Automatically pick up the Revolver in a cutscene by Alan in The Dark Place alleyway.
Revolver - Alan Wake 2 weapons

The Revolver is a bit more powerful than the average semi-auto pistol, can kill the Taken with just a few hits to the head, and despite having less ammo in its cylinder compared to modern weapons, it compensates with a significantly stronger punch.

Flare Gun

  • Get it from the chapter Initiation 4: We Sing
  • Pick up the flare gun from the table with the typewriter during the chapter, it’s impossible to miss.
Flare Gun - Alan Wake 2 weapons

The Flare Gun, the worst nightmare of Taken everywhere with the ability to outright incinerate them, stands as probably the most powerful weapon in the game, albeit with the drawback of having extremely rare ammunition.

Double-Barreled Shotgun

  • Get it from the chapter Initiation 5: Room 665
Double-Barreled Shotgun Location
  • Open the display case behind the bar at the Oceanview Hotel rooftop using the Angel Lamp to get the Double-Barreled Shotgun.
Double-Barreled Shotgun - Alan Wake 2 weapons

A large Double-Barreled Shotgun for Alan that almost takes up an entire inventory row, perfect for knocking back a Taken that gets too close. Alan will momentarily pick it up during Saga’s Chapter: Return 4 where he makes an appearance. But this gun won’t be a permanent addition to your weapons unless you pick it up at the rooftop of Oceanview Hotel in Initiation 5.

Saga Anderson’s Weapons


  • Get it from the chapter Return 1: Invitation
  • Automatically unlocked by default.
Pistol - Alan Wake 2 weapons

The Pistol, a standard-issue semi-automatic handgun for FBI agents like Saga is equipped by default. Despite its decent control and rate of fire, it doesn’t pack enough punch to take down the Taken with a few shots. Upgrading it is necessary for better effectiveness.

Sawed-Off Shotgun

  • Get it from the chapter Return 2: The Heart
Alan Wake 2 - Saga Anderson's Sawed-Off Shotgun Location
Sawed-Off Shotgun - Alan Wake 2 weapons

The Sawed-Off Shotgun is a potent weapon with a fierce kick. It’s one of the most powerful in your arsenal but requires a reload after every two shots. Note that this weapon is missable, to obtain it, unlock the display case in the same room a Taken smashes into in the General Store.


  • Get it from the chapter Return 3: Local Girl
Crossbow Location
  • To get the Crossbow, open the Cult Stash near the Watery break room hut, the Cult stash code is 527.
Crossbow - Alan Wake 2 weapons

The Crossbow stands out as Saga Anderson’s second most powerful weapon. It delivers a high-damage single shot but demands reloading after each use, leaving Saga momentarily vulnerable as she must stand still, exposing her to the Taken’s attacks. To get the Crossbow, solve the puzzle which involves counting the bolts in the numbered target placards to determine the sequence; the code you need is 527.

Hunting Rifle

  • Get it from the chapter Return 5: Old Gods
  • In the Valhalla Wellness Center, solve the date puzzle in the Security Room with 17-08-23, then grab a doorknob from the receptionist’s desk, use it to open the door, and get the Hunting Rifle from the blue locker.
Hunting Rifle - Alan Wake 2 weapons

The Hunting Rifle is a highly accurate bolt action rifle that can put down the Taken in a few hits. It’s slow to reload so you better get some distance first.

Pump-Action Shotgun

  • Get it from the chapter Return 6: Scratch
Alan Wake 2 - Saga Anderson's Pump-Action Shotgun Location
  • Unlock the shotgun display case using 7-2-3 in Sheriff Tim Breaker’s room, which is located on the upper floor of the Sheriff’s Station Map to get the Pump-Action Shotgun.
Pump-Action Shotgun - Alan Wake 2 weapons

The Pump-Action Shotgun is Saga’s best weapon, it excels in close combat and benefits from a larger magazine. To obtain it, get the key from the morgue to break in to Sheriff Breaker’s office. Then unlock the shotgun display by decoding the puzzle using the first letters of the UFO book authors on his desk. Increment each letter’s alphabetical value up to 9, then circle back to 0, with the code being 723, read from top to bottom.