All Hogwarts Legacy Classes, Lessons, & Subjects

Here are all the Hogwarts Legacy Classes that you need to attend.

Hogwarts Legacy classes

In Hogwarts Legacy, players have the opportunity to experience life as a student at Hogwarts, attending classes and mastering various magical skills. Here’s a closer look at the different classes and lessons offered at Hogwarts.

All Hogwarts Legacy Classes

Here are the classes you can take in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Astronomy
  • Beasts (Care of Magical Creatures)
  • Charms
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts
  • Divination
  • Flying / Broom Flight Class
  • Herbology
  • Potions

In a developer playthrough of Hogwarts Legacy, they explained that the cycle of the game depends heavily on main story missions. However, players can attend classes on the side which will help improve their spells and even provide tools that help in gameplay. Attending classes will also help you get closer to the esteemed professors at Hogwarts.

Early on, these Hogwarts Legacy classes will most likely function as a tutorial to help you learn the mechanics of the game. It’d be an interesting way of introducing the player to the world and combat while keeping us immersed.


Astronomy class focuses on the study of the stars, planets, and other celestial bodies. Students learn how to use telescopes, charts, and other astronomical tools to make observations and predictions about the night sky. This class is often taught outside at night, giving students a chance to experience the beauty of the stars up close.

Beasts (Care of Magical Creatures)

Interestingly enough, this was called Beasts until it was renamed to Care of Magical Creatures in the 1890s when the game takes place. Beasts class is about learning the various creatures in the wizarding world that not many muggles are privy to.


Charms class teaches students the basics of using your wand, how to cast spells, and incantations. Students learn to cast spells for various purposes, including defense, levitation, and illumination. Charms is a fundamental class that lays the foundation for more advanced magic skills in later years. Want to make a teacup dance on the table or cast a shield charm? This class will teach you how.

Defense Against the Dark Arts, Hogwarts Legacy Classes

Defense Against the Dark Arts

Defense Against the Dark Arts is there to help students learn how to fight and defend themselves. Here you’ll learn how to make your opponents float helplessly in the air as you blast them with spells.


The Divination class teaches students how to see into the future and interpret omens and signs. Students learn about various divination tools, such as tarot cards, crystal balls, and tea leaves. Divination can be a difficult subject to master, but students who excel in it may gain insights and knowledge that can be useful in their future careers.

Flying / Broom Flight Class

Learning to fly the Broomstick helps you get around quicker. Unfortunately, Avalanche has already told us not to expect Quidditch, it’s still a relevant class without every wizard and witches’ favorite sport.


Herbology is the class where you learn more about the magical nature of plants in the wizarding world. Students learn how to grow and care for magical plants, as well as how to use them in potions and spells. Herbology teaches you how to use creatures like the mandrake which will render your opponents paralyzed.


Potions class teaches students how to create magical potions with a variety of ingredients, such as plants, roots, and herbs. Students learn how to measure, mix, and brew ingredients to create potions with different effects, such as healing, love, and strength. Potions can be a challenging class, requiring precision and attention to detail, but the rewards of a well-made potion are well worth it.

Hogwarts Legacy Classes

In Hogwarts Legacy, you play as a fifth-year student returning to the academy only to discover they have the potential for incredibly powerful magic running in their blood. Attending classes will help them master everything they need to conquer the wizarding world.

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