Amnesia: The Bunker – Where to find the Detonator Handle

Amnesia The Bunker detonator handle featured

In Amnesia: The Bunker you need to find the detonator handle which is one of the items you need to blow up the rubble blocking the exit. It can be a challenge to get to these items because of how the confusing maze that is the titular bunker. Use this guide to find the detonator handle in Amnesia: The Bunker.

Where to find the Detonator Handle in Amnesia: The Bunker?

The detonator handle can be found in the deepest part of the Roman Ruins just past the Arsenal area. Inside the Roman Ruins, there is a room at the end of the linear hallway next to a statue that’s guarded by an insane soldier. The detonator handle can be picked up from the center of this room.

First fill up the generator before heading out to the Arsenal part of the titular bunker. In the Arsenal, head past the Clerk’s Office and you’ll see a sign that says “To Tunnels” that’s almost blocked by some debris. Crouch down and you’ll be able to enter which takes you to the Storage Area.

Head into the Arsenal Storage Area

You’ll need the cutters from the prison to get access to the Roman Ruins as the door in the Storage Area of the Arsenal is chained. After getting the cutters, you can open the door to the Storage, however you’ll notice that the entire area is flooded. You’ll need to clean out the area first by going into the water and heading to the far end of the room to pull the lever to power up the room with electricity.

Drain the Storage Area

The machine will not work until you’ve turned on the power and it won’t work unless you have gas in the generator. Now head back to the machine at the Storage Area entrance and pull the handle. This will clear out the flooded Storage room and expose a path you can go to beyond the bounds of the map.

Follow this path until you reach until you see an area with a lantern. You can save your progress here. To the right of the tables in that area is a large hole on the wall which will lead you to the tunnels. Follow the pathway of the tunnels until you reach a dropdown. It’s very hard to see in this area which makes you as good as blind. There are also silhouettes moving in this place which may confuse you into wasting a bullet.

Go to the Roman Ruins

You’ll hear someone singing in this foggy area which is the soldier Toussaint who has gone insane and blinded himself. Be careful as he has a shotgun and will kill anyone. You can put him down with a couple of shots with your service revolver or throw a grenade his way. He can kill you if you’re not careful.

Once Toussaint has been dealt with, you can pick up his shotgun and continue on your way through the Roman Ruins until you find a wooden door that’s right next to a large Roman statue. This door is locked and you can destroy it with either a grenade, the shotgun, or a brick that’s nearby.

The room where the detonator handle is.

Head inside the room and pick up the detonator handle in the center. There’s also a way you can pick up the rabbit toy in this place. When you’re done, exit the area by going back where you came from and stacking up crates. Hopefully you have the generator filled with a good amount of gasoline otherwise you’re heading back in the darkness.

That’s where to find the detonator handle in Amnesia: The Bunker.