Amnesia: The Bunker – How to deal with Rats

Amnesia The Bunker rats featured

Wandering around, you’ll notice large rats in Amnesia: The Bunker that are hostile and will chip at your health whenever you get close. This is a problem because being injured can lead the beast right to your location. There are multiple ways to deal with the rat problem. Use this guide to learn how to deal with rats in Amnesia: The Bunker.

How to Deal with Rats in Amnesia: The Bunker?

The best way to deal with rats in Amnesia: The Bunker works by using the torch to scare them away and then burning the bodies with gasoline so they don’t come back. This method is quiet, effective, and ensures that the Beast doesn’t come to investigate your position.

Craft torches by combining a stick and a piece of cloth. You need a lighter to use this. Once you have the torch equipped, you can wave it at rats to scare them away temporarily. They will come back, however, so you have some time to cross.

You can stop rats from coming back by burning the bodies they’re eating. Rats are always attracted to the dead bodies scattered in the titular bunker, so you pour gasoline on those bodies and light them up with the lighter, which prevents rats from coming back. This will consume precious gasoline, which could otherwise be used to power up the generator, so you have to be very sure before you do this.

We strongly advise getting rid of rats as soon as you can. Not only are they attracted to dead bodies, which usually have dog tags, but they can also follow Henri around if he’s bleeding. To prevent this, use bandages to heal yourself so that rats don’t follow you around.

If you don’t have enough to make a torch, you can throw flares at rats to scare them away. While the flare is quiet, the beast does seem attracted to it, so there’s a risk involved. The rats will also come back after the flare has gone out, so it isn’t a permanent way to deal with them.

Use torches to scare rats

You can permanently deal with rats by shooting them with your revolver or shotgun. Although this will take ammunition, which is rare in the game, The loud noise might also attract the Beast to your location. This will kill rats, so it’s a more permanent way to ensure they won’t come back.

It’s loud, but throwing grenades can also permanently kill rats. The only danger is its loud noise, which usually attracts the monster to come out and investigate. Also make sure you’re at a good distance before throwing a grenade. You can also make makeshift molotovs by combining a piece of cloth, a bottle, and gasoline together to burn rats along with the dead bodies they’re eating.

A more silent way to dispatch rats is by using gas grenades. Although you better have the gas mask before you think about using it, Rats that you miss with the gas grenade will be scared, but you can usually get them all with just one. Be careful when stepping into the gas without the mask because it will hurt you.

Burn rats with molotovs

Although it’s very dangerous, you can also use the Beast to kill rats for you. By making a loud noise, you can get the Beast to investigate an area that has rats. Make sure to hide somewhere safe while the Beast looks around and takes care of the rats permanently for you.