Amnesia: The Bunker – Dog Tag Locations

Discover essential dog tag locations in Amnesia: The Bunker for access codes and secret lockers with the help of this guide.

Amnesia The Bunker Dog Tags featured

Dog Tags in Amnesia: The Bunker can reveal codes which are important information to know. These codes can be used to access lockers in the Mission Storage area or get past

All Dog Tag Locations in Amnesia: The Bunker

Amnesia: The Bunker randomizes the locations of dog tags and the codes written behind them, so there’s no way to guarantee if you’ll find a dog tag in the exact same spot on this article. We did place all the possible locations where they could show up.

Here’s a map that shows you all the possible locations for the dog tags:

Check these areas for dog tags:

  • Central Bunker: Doctor’s Office
  • Central Bunker: Generator Room
  • Central Bunker: Mission Storage
  • Central Bunker: Administration Room
  • Officer Quarters: Delisle Room
  • Officer Quarters: Hallway in front of Wine Cellar
  • Soldier Quarters: Barracks A
  • Soldier Quarters: Barracks B
  • Soldier Quarters: Room between Utility and Break
  • Soldier Quarters: Hallway outside of Mess Hall
  • Arsenal: Munitions Storage
  • Arsenal: Storage Area A
  • Maintenance: Foreman’s Quarters
  • Maintenance: Break Room
  • Maintenance: Changing Room
  • Maintenance: Tunnel between Workshop and Storage Hub hallway (three Dog Tags)
  • Maintenance: Pillbox
  • Maintenance: Chapel

Out of all the dog tags in Amnesia: The Bunker, only three are guaranteed. The dog tag containing the codes to exit the Administration room, Foreman Stafford’s dog tags in the Pillbox, and Delisle’s dog tags will always be inside his room in the Officer’s Quarters where it contains the code to open the locker for the wheel to lift the lockdown. There are also no dog tags in the Prison area so don’t bother looking for one there.

Dog tags can often be found next to dead bodies so look around if you come across one. Because of how Amnesia: The Bunker works, you won’t always come across one but stay vigilant. Finding all the dog tags is required for the Codebreaker achievement where you’re asked to open every locked in Mission Storage.

That’s all the dog tag locations in Amnesia: The Bunker.