Amnesia The Bunker Length: How Long to Beat

How much time do you need to beat Amnesia The Bunker?

How long to beat Amnesia the Bunker featured

If you’re used to playing previous Amnesia titles, then the Amnesia The Bunker length may surprise you. Unlike before, there’s no handholding or linear pathway to follow, and you’re left to your own devices to figure out what to do and escape the titular bunker. Use this guide to learn how much time it’ll take you to beat Amnesia The Bunker.

How Long to Beat Amnesia The Bunker?

Amnesia The Bunker can be completed in as little as 4-6 hours of gameplay. This was according to the game’s creative lead, Fredrik Olsson. It’s a few hours shorter compared to its predecessors, but it makes up for it by having more replay value.

Comparing The Bunker with The Dark Descend and Rebirth, which are both 8 hours long, this latest entry to the Amnesia franchise is a bit on the short side. However, Amnesia The Bunker isn’t linear at all and is a bit more difficult compared to previous games as the monster can kill you in one hit. You also have more freedom to explore, so cautious players may be looking for every nook and cranny for secrets, supplies, and other collectibles.

What’s interesting about Amnesia The Bunker is the generator, which puts pressure on you to act fast. You can fill it up with gas to light up the area and buy you some time to keep the monster away, but you’re always on a limit until it’s lights out. It may be because of this that you’ll be encouraged to finish tasks faster than usual, unless you want to be wandering in the dark where the monster is patrolling.

Things such as codes and item placement are randomized per playthrough, which adds more replay value to Amnesia The Bunker. Don’t expect to breeze through the game a second time because you already know the codes for each lock. Though speedrunners who already know where to go and what they need to do can finish the game in as little as two hours.

That’s how long to beat Amnesia The Bunker.