Apex Legends Version 1.89 Patch Notes and Update Size

Version 1.89 signals the beginning of the end with a 666 MB update.

Featured Image Apex Legends Version 1.89 Patch Notes

Apex Legends has been receiving continuous support from Respawn Entertainment. As of today, February 23, 2022, version 1.89 just dropped. And along with the new version comes several tweaks to the game’s Arena mode and bug fixes to know issues plaguing Apex Legends.

On PlayStation 4, the update is 666.66 MB which is coincidentally the number of the beast. There isn’t too much to this update. Respawn merely fixes a few issues and changes the pricing of some of the weapons in Arenas mode.

Apex Legends Version 1.89 changes:

  • Bloodhound Prestige Skin challenges now reset.
  • There is now a leave penalty for Control mode.
  • Bloodhound stat trackers are now working properly.
  • Issue with frame rates on consoles are being address

While it’s only the first of several updates that address the issues for frame drops on the older consoles, it’s great to hear that Respawn is doing their part to fix the issue. Our experience on the older consoles when it comes to frame drops were down right atrocious at the start of Season 12.

Apex Legends Version 1.89 Patch Notes

Other changes include pricing in the Arenas mode. Weapons that are using Hammerpoint Rounds have had their pricing increased. Other weapons have had changes to their pricing.

Apex Legends Version 1.89 Arena pricing changes:

  • Mozambique (with Hammerpoint Rounds)
    • White – From 50 to 100 crafting materials
    • Blue – From 150 to 200 crafting materials
    • Purple – From 300 to 500 crafting materials
  • P2020 (with Hammerpoint Rounds)
    • White – from 25 to 50 crafting materials
    • Blue – from 50 to 150 crafting materials
    • purple – from 250 to 500 crafting materials
  • RE45 (with Hammerpoint Rounds)
    • Purple – from 350 to 400 crafting materials

Other weapons without Hammerpoint Rounds pricing changes:

  • EVA8 Base from 350 to 150 crafting materials.
  • Prowler
    • White – from 250 to 150 crafting materials
    • Blue – from 350 to 300 crafting materials
  • R99
    • Purple – from 350 to 300 crafting materials
  • Devotion
    • Purple – from 400 to 500 crafting materials
  • LStar
    • Blue – from 250 to 200 crafting materials
    • Purple – from 350 to 300 crafting materials

This will no doubt change the meta of which weapons are the best to buy in each round. Some weapons have had their cost reduced so we may be seeing more EVA8 Autos in the beginning rounds of Arenas.

And that’s all for version 1.89 of Apex Legends. We will definitely see more fixes in the coming weeks as Respawn addresses the frame rate issues in consoles for the game.