Armored Core 6 Battle Logs Locations

All Combat Log locations in Armored Core 6.

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The Armored Core 6 Loghunt quests ask you to directly combat strong enemies in order to get your hands on their battle logs. There are plenty of powerful enemies hidden in certain missions that you can defeat to increase your Hunter Rank. Each of these powerful enemies carries a combat log with them that you can only get upon their defeat. We made this guide to show you the battle log locations in Armored Core 6.

Here’s where you can find every battle log/combat log in Armored Core 6:

AC6: Chapter 1 Battle Logs Locations

  • Destroy the Transport Helicopters: The Tetrapod near the end of the mission Walter tells you to ignore is carrying a Battle Log. (Silver)
  • Destroy the Tester AC: The primary target you need to destroy to complete this mission. (Silver)
  • Attack the Dam Complex: There is a Tetrapod carrying one near the frozen lake after completing the second objective. (Silver)
  • Attack the Dam Complex: An enemy that will attack you near the end of the mission just before the last objective is carrying Battle Log. (Gold)
  • Climb the Wall: Go to the wall and move towards the left side of the city where you’ll find three enemies that have a Battle Log. (Bronze)
  • Retrieve Combat Logs: Defeat the enemy that attacks you at the end of the mission before timer runs out. (Gold)
  • Attack the Watchpoint: Defeat Sulla, one of the primary targets needed to complete this mission. (Gold)

AC6: Chapter 2 Battle Logs Locations

  • Infiltrate Grid 086: Defeat Invincible Rummy, one of the primary targets needed to complete this mission. (Silver)
  • Infiltrate Grid 086: Through the door above the place you fight Invincible Rummy, go upstairs and you’ll encounter two Tetrapods that are carrying a Battle Log. (Silver)
  • Infiltrate Grid 086: Enter the furnace area and go to the pipe on the right side with molten metal pouring. There is a hidden area underneath with an enemy who will ambush you carrying a Battle Log. (Gold)
  • Infiltrate 086: Exit the furnace area and defeat the three enemies in front of the structure to the right side. (Bronze)
  • Ocean Crossing: After heading past the vertical lasers, drop down the end of the platform to the bridge and turn around. You’ll see two flying drones. Drop down from here and keep going to find two more drones who are carrying a Battle Log. (Bronze)

AC6: Chapter 3 Battle Logs Locations

  • Steal the Survey Data: Defeat the Tetrapod enemy found just beyond the 2nd furthest log from where you start the mission. (Silver)
  • Attack the Refueling Base: Before you cross the bridge overlooking the refinery, there are enemies underneath it. The one firing lasers at you has a Battle Log. (Bronze)
  • Attack the Refueling Base: There are two thin bridges inside the valley to the right side of the bridge overlooking the refinery. Cross the longer thin bridge and defeat the enemy firing lasers at you. (Bronze)
  • Eliminate V.VII: Look at the wall and go left. On the ground, there is a Tetrapod enemy that has a Battle Log. (Silver)
  • Eliminate V.VII: During the fight with V.VII Swinburn, accept his deal. Then defeat the Rokumonsen enemies. (Gold)
  • Eliminate V.VII: Defeat V.VII Swinburne to get his Battle Log. (Gold)
  • Tunnel Sabotage: Upon receiving the notification of the PCA’s return, go to the room in your left and defeat the enemy firing lasers at you. (Bronze)
  • Survey the Uninhabited Floating City: After the second fog control device has been dealt with, continue along the path until you see the large eye turret on the ground. (Silver)
  • Attack the Old Space Port: At the start of the mission, go to the right and to a higher area. There is an enemy with shields outside the hangar that has the Battle Log. (Silver)
  • Attack the Old Space Port: Go to the fuel storage area where you’ll find two LCs surrounded by fuel tanks. (Silver)
  • Eliminate Honest Brute: Drop from the platform with two lasers to a lower area and start going towards the central pillar. You’ll find two rolling enemies with the one on the right carrying a Battle Log. (Bronze)
  • Eliminate Honest Brute: There are two more rolling enemies with Battle Logs around a pillar on the next platform. (Bronze)
  • Eliminate Honest Brute: Defeat the Tetrapod enemy on the platform with the train turntable. (Silver)
  • Eliminate Honest Brute: At the last platform, go through the shield and defeat the rolling enemy. (Bronze)
  • Eliminate Honest Brute: Defeat Honest Brute. (Platinum)
  • Defend the Old Spaceport: Defeat Raven, the main target. (Platinum)

AC6: Chapter 4 Battle Logs Locations

  • Underground Exploration – Depth 2: Defeat G5 Iguazu. (Gold)
  • Underground Exploration – Depth 2: Enter the room with blue lasers shooting you and go right. Defeat the enemies on the side room to get the Battle Log. (Bronze)
  • Underground Exploration – Depth 3: Defeat the enemies on the roof where blue lasers are shooting at you. (Silver)
  • Underground Exploration – Depth 3: Defeat Ayre, the main target. (Gold)
  • Intercept the Redguns: Defeat G1 Michigan, the main target. (Platinum)
  • Ambush the Vespers: Defeat Dual Nature and Reconfig, the main targets. (Gold)
  • Unknown Territory Survey: Defeat V.IV Rusty, the main target. (Platinum)
  • Unknown Territory Survey: A Battle Log is dropped by TSUBASA/Middle Flatwell during the boss fight. (Gold)
  • Reach the Coral Convergence: Defeat the two enemies at the start of the mission. (Gold)
  • Reach the Coral Convergence: After crossing the bridge, defeat the rolling robot. (Bronze)

AC6: Chapter 5 Battle Logs Locations

  • Intercept the Corporate Forces: Defeat V.I Freud, the main target. (Platinum)
  • Eliminate “Cinder” Carla: Defeat CIRCUS/Chatty Stick, the main target. (Gold)
  • Eliminate “Cinder” Carla: Defeat V.II Snail, the main target. (Platinum)
  • Eliminate “Cinder” Carla: Defeat FULL COURSE/Cinder Carla, the main target. (Platinum)

AC6: New Game+ Battle Logs Locations

  • Attack the Dam: Betray your Redgun allies and defeat them for their Combat Logs. (Gold)
  • Defend the Dam Complex: Defeat Umber Ox and Astral Crown, the main targets. (Platinum)

AC6: New Game++ Battle Log Location

There are four types of battle logs: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The stronger the enemy type you beat to get the battle log, the higher rank it has. And the higher the rank, the more your Hunter Class rank increases. You should consider getting these as they unlock new parts for your Armored Core mecha through the Loghunt program rewards.

You’ll get the chance to retrieve your first Battle Log during Mission 4: Destroy the Transport Helicopters. After that, certain missions have specific enemies that are carrying combat logs who you first have to beat in order to get. Many of these enemies are well hidden and optional though there are some that are part of the story so you’ll get their battle log regardless.

Because of how Armored Core 6 missions work, there are certain missions that will be locked on your first playthrough. There are times in AC6 where you’ll have to pick a “Decision Mission” which lock off another mission. Battle logs in these missions will have to retrieved on a new game plus mode after beating the game once.

There are also battle logs that can only be retrieved on a new game plus. New game plus modes feature exclusive missions and actions that won’t be available to you on your first playthrough.