Assassin’s Festival Is A Weird Final Fantasy XV DLC; But It Looks Fun Though

We’ve seen the Regalia making its way to Forza Horizon 3. Now, it’s given that the royal vehicle kind of fits being a racecar due to its exotic body design, but seeing an Assassin’s Creed crossover with Final Fantasy XV is like mixing water and oil. They don’t do well together. But it does look fun though, giving Final Fantasy XV a change of feel for once.

Let’s take Final Fantasy XV’s universe for example, it’s too far-fetched to be involved with the Assassin’s Creed world. It surrounds with fictional gods and goddesses where magic is exists with no link to any real historical events or whatsoever. While there is still that little backstory of how this came to be, I still can’t fathom how this was even possible in the first place. Maybe I’m overthinking things for just a free downloadable content? Probably. But it still doesn’t make sense at all until Ubisoft and Square Enix will put more of a story in this “Assassin’s Festival”.

The announcement through a blog post by Ubisoft, which doesn’t really involve any backstory how this Assassin’s Festival happened, mentioned that this collaboration was a result of the studio for being “huge fans” of Final Fantasy. There was this informal meeting that occurred 3 years ago at Tokyo Game Show between the FFXV and Assassin’s Creed devs which eventually led them to blend the two worlds together.

Even if it’s kind of weird to mix both worlds, it might one of the best collaborations there is for Final Fantasy XV. The trailer showcased what Noctis can do which involves climbing houses at Lestallum, jumping off rooftops with or without the use of his Warp abilities, wearing Altair’s Assassin robes, killing the Imperial robots with the hidden blade, and even grab an enemy into a wooden cart full of hay. All what you can do in an Assassin’s Creed game, you can do it on Final Fantasy XV.

However, there are just some concerns that hopefully wouldn’t make this DLC a bit awkward for players. Final Fantasy XV is not as fluid and smooth as Assassin’s Creed. Even though both games have an open-world setting, the character movements, especially Noctis’, in Final Fantasy XV are wonky plus with the noticeable frame-pacing issue. If Square manages to fix these two issues, then the experience might be graceful.

This collaboration also brings the hype for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Origins; and this may be one good reason for me to bring back Final Fantasy XV to my PS4.

The Assassin’s Festival DLC will be available on August 31 for Final Fantasy XV owners.