Does Atomic Heart Have a 6 Hour Cutscene? (Answered)

It's a mystery worth looking into

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There has been a rumor going around for a while now about Atomic Heart having a 6 hour cutscene involving the robotic twins – Left and Right. Well, seeing the potential for sex being included, the internet did its thing and ran with the story. And even as the game was released, people are still asking about it.

So the game’s been out now for a couple of days. This gave us a chance to see if there is any merit to these so-called rumors.

Does Atomic Heart Have a 6 Hour Cutscene?

After more than 20 hours of play, large sections of the map explored, and a lengthy visit to the Ballerina Brothel… we have come to the conclusion that there might not be a 6 hour cutscene of sexual nature.

We would like to emphasize “might not” as it is still early after the game’s release. And there have been cases where players have discovered secrets many years since a game has let loose in the wild.

Does Atomic Heart Have a 6 Hour Cutscene?

How did all of this even start? Where did rumors about the cutscene even begin? We cannot give a definitive answer. But one thing is certain, one look at those twins and you’ll know someone out there is already furiously searching for as much “information” as they can possibly collect.

The rumors have gotten so rampant that even the developers were being asked about it on Twitter one month before the game’s release. The developers responded in a very cheeky manner.

And that’s all we have for now on the subject. Maybe someone might just find something that we all missed in the future. Who knows? But we’ll definitely make another article on it. No doubt about that. In the meantime, you can consider the case closed.

We have a review for Atomic Heart out right now, if you’re interested.

And check out this video from Youtuber Naughty Gaming where they do their own investigative work on the rumored cutscenes:

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