Atomic Heart Boiler Room Puzzle: How to cool off boiler

This is how to complete the Into the Fire quest

Atomic Heart Boiler Room Puzzle Featured Image

The Boiler Room Puzzle in Atomic Heart, aka the “Into the Fire” quest, is part of the main story that sees agent P-3 gathering 4 canisters to revive a “birch tree” to open the way out of the Vavilov Complex.

While Atomic Heart Boiler Room puzzle itself doesn’t possess the container you need to progress the story, you still need to disengage the pressure door in the boiler room to gain access to the other half of the facility.

Here’s the breakdown of the room’s layout:

  • There are 3 boilers, all connected by a series of pipes. They are overheating and need to be cooled down.
  • In the middle section of the boiler room, there is a Fahrenheit dispenser. These are Candles filled with Cryo-Polymer. And the things you need to cool down the boilers.
  • In the workshop, you will find a receptacle where you can place the chilling sphere. Keep that location in mind.

How to Solve the Atomic Heart Boiler Room Puzzle

First things first, you got to take care of a few lab technicians before tackling the puzzle. You really don’t want them breathing down your neck while working out the puzzle. Do keep in mind that more lab techs will drop in to put a damper on things as you put out the boilers one by one.

So, what you need to do next is to take levitate a Fahrenheit and insert it into the tube network. You will then manipulate the sphere using your glove, and by doing so, guide the orb into one of the three boilers.

You cannot simply put a sphere next to a boiler and expect it to cool down. The only way is to guide the orbs into the boiler from the tube network. And lastly, not all routes lead to a boiler. Some lead to a random exit. Forcing you to start over.

Here are the directions you need to take for each boiler:

Boiler 1

Starting from the entrance, guide the orb and take a right on the first T-Junction. Lead the Fahrenheit along until you come across the next junction. Once you’re there, take another right and that should be a clear shot to the boiler.

Boiler 2

Take a left on the first T-junction. Then guide the orb until you get to the second junction. Once you hit the second T-junction, continue going left until the orb has been deposited into the boiler.

Boiler 3

Once the orb drops to the first T-junction, take a left and keep pulling until you reach the second junction. Let the orb drop when you hit the second junction. Now, this next part might be counterintuitive. But once the orb reaches the third junction, do not keep going left. Instead, you’ll want to pull the orb towards you and take a long way around until it reaches its destination. Should you have continued going left, the orb will exit the tube network.

A Final piece of advice: when in doubt, eyeball it. If you’re still wondering where the orbs should be, trace the tubes back from the boiler to the receptacle. That’s always worth a shot.

And that’s how you complete the Into the Fire quest in Atomic Heart. Keep your cool out there and remember, you’re doing this so you can escape the Vavilov Complex!

Check out this video from Youtuber Game Guides Channel where they show you how to solve the Atomic Heart Boiler Room Puzzle, and a step-by-step walkthrough on how to cool off the boiler:

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