Atomic Heart Crispy Critters – What is with P-3’s Catch Phrase?

It's all about them crispy critters.

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If you’ve played Atomic Heart for a small amount of time, you’re probably been introduced to the phrase, “Crispy Critters.”. Agent P-3 says the word a lot. So much so that people are asking: Atomic Heart Crispy Critters “what is this phrase referring to?”

What Does Crispy Critter mean in Atomic Heart?

Initially, we thought the phrase was trying to avoid the mention of a curse or something. After all, he utters the phrase most often during times of distress. But that line of reasoning didn’t hold on account of P-3’s frequent use of the F-word on multiple occasions. I swear, this man gets enraged over the smallest things, even drunk sailors would tell him to ease up.

As far as we know, there are no references that would tie the phrase to a specific time period that would make sense in the context of the game. The phase isn’t all that unknown, it is has been referenced here and there and often associated with fire.

What is odd about this is that the phrase itself is so out of place. You hear it once or twice, it’s no big deal, especially if the task before indeed involves roasting mutants or robots. But if the main character himself is saying it all the time, then you start to wonder what’s our protagonist on about. The thought sticks with you, for whatever reason.

Youtuber Mon Facts made a short video looking into this phenomenon. In his video, he first tried tying the word to a language but came up short in both English and Russian. He had a potential lead with a cereal called, Crispy Critters.

Unfortunately, it turns out that the cereal, a creation of Post Cereals, did not enter the public sphere at least until 1963. This is a major red flag because the game is set in 1955. And sorry to say, there’s only so much alternate world history can get away with.

Maybe one day, we’ll get a definitive answer from either the devs or the game itself. CHAR-Les is always curious about everything, and eventually, he may yet ask the Major why he uses that phrase.

Unless, he is unaware of it himself, and only his messed up subconscious can help us out. But that’s a thought for another day. Good luck out there on the facility grounds.

Check out this video from Youtuber fafilose showing a supercut of all the times Agent P-3 says Crispy Critters!

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