Atomic Heart Ending: how to get true and alternate endings

Atomic Heart Ending Explained

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Atomic Heart just got released, but for those who are itching to know how the story of the game ends, we have gone through all the possible endings in the game and summarized them up in here. Read ahead as we share different Atomic Heart endings and how to get to them.

Spoiler warning: This guide will go through the events of both endings. Read with your own discretion.

How many endings does Atomic Heart have?

Atomic heart has two endings; a true and an alternate ending. Considering the implications and the events that follow through after going with either endings, it’s not really a “good and bad” ending, but rather a “bad and worse” ending. It’s really all up to the players’ moral views which one is less worse: the entire human population controlled under a hive collective, or reaching the next step of evolution by eradicating humanity.

Deciding which ending to go for is simply done while talking to Granny Zina during the final part of the game. She will ask Major P-3 whether or not he will fight Sechenov.

Atomic Heart Alternate Ending

Atomic Heart Alternate Ending

To get the Atomic Heart alternate ending, choose the response “I’m not laying a finger on Sechenov. I’m out. I’ve had enough of this game.”

After this response, Major P-3 will then rip off Char-les from his glove and proceed to destroy it. An epilogue will then play showing Major P-3 leaving off to an undisclosed area and his whereabouts are not known.

Although not shown, this ending implies that Sechenov will manage to complete and successfully roll out the Kolektiv 2.0, dooming everyone who partook in the Thought as they become his own mind-controlled slaves.

Atomic Heart True Ending

Atomic Heart True Ending

To get the Atomic Heart true Ending, choose the response “Whatever, lady… why don’t you show me what’s in that arsenal of yours?”

After this response, Granny Zina then helps you get geared up for the fight ahead. You’ll be back in the shed and your next destination is Sechenov’s office. But before you can get to him, you’ll have to fight Left, one of The Twins, first.

After managing to make Left retreat, you’ll then make the rest of the journey towards Sechenov’s office. You’ll then have to fight both of The Twins under Sechenov’s command.

Once the fight is done, Major P-3 then confronts Sechenov and incapacitates him. It is then revealed that everything has been orchestrated by Char-les or Professor Chariton himself. As Major P-3 tries to yank Char-les off of his glove, Char-les disables him and then it releases itself from the glove to merge itself with the rest of the polymer, becoming the Jelly Man.

The Jelly Man then finishes off Sechenov. An epilogue then plays, revealing that Jelly Man consumed Sechenov, but Major P-3’s fate was not mentioned.

The final scene shows a first-person view of Major P-3 waking up in another hallucinated dreamland where he hears the voice of Blesna, his wife, and seeing Right as she holds out her hand to him from the sky.

This ending implies that the entire humanity is doomed now that Char-les have taken full control of the machines and wishes to eradicate every human, considering humanity as a hindrance towards evolution. As for Major P-3’s fate, it also implies that he’s been put under hallucinations again, but is now being controlled Char-les, probably as one of his tools to destroy humans.

Check out this video by Shirrako showing all the endings in Atomic Heart:

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