Atomic Heart Gameplay Overview Trailer Released

Learn about Facility 3826, robots, your AI companion, and more below!

Focus Entertainment and Mundfish have recently released the Atomic Heart Gameplay Overview Trailer.

Atomic Heart Gameplay Overview Trailer Intro

The newest trailer for the upcoming video game Atomic Heart reveals new details about it featuring a background story, info on the protagonist, gameplay mechanics, and much more. According to the trailer, the game is a new cinematic and explosive action RPG set in the fictional USSR of 1955. Players will be swept into a top secret military base built to manufacture robots known as Facility 3826.

Atomic Heart Set in Facility 3826

Facility 3826 was made by the brilliant Russian scientist Dimitry Sechenov. He was the one to discover the special liquid substance called “Polymer” in 1936 which he used to create a huge neural network of AI assistant robots called the “Kollectiv.” This neural network helped the robots free the people from manual labor in favor of Arts and Science.

The Incident in 1955

Everything was great but an incident happened in 1955. There was a plan to launch Kollectiv 2.0 which would introduce a thought device that would allow humans to control the network and issue commands with just the power of thought. Unfortunately, it was sabotaged by an unknown individual and thus the chaos started. Robots attacked humans and hundreds of lives were lost.

Major P-3 and His Mission

Players will be taking on the role of Major P-3, the elite soldier from the Intelligence Service. Sechenov orders him to investigate the facility and restore the neural network. They will be going to the facility testing grounds in the facility deep in the Kazakh mountains.

While inside the facility, players will be going through various sections like laboratories, civilian infrastructure, and many more. There are also tunnels that have spatial puzzles for players to solve.

Polymer AI CHAR-les

Major P-3 will not be alone in this mission. He is accompanied by the polymer AI named CHAR-les who is integrated into the experimental power glove. He will be the sidekick joining his battles in the game, providing objectives and hacks into other crazy robots. It might even share some secrets of Major P-3 whose story is still unknown. He can also unlock various abilities like telekinesis, freezing, and electric powers.

Size of Environment and Gameplay Hours to Complete

Facility 3826 has five giant complexes to explore and more than 25 hours of gameplay to complete. Transportation is easy with the Aerotrain and other vehicles that are still working inside the facility. The latter, unfortunately, might attract attention so be careful.

Hack through the neural network to take control of a certain location for a bigger advantage. This is the primary objective of Major P-3 after all.

There Are Other Monsters to be Wary Of

There are other types of enemies too. Scientific plants called Sprouts could attach to human bodies and mutate to attack players. Make sure to take them all down especially the stronger ones as it could spell trouble.

Weapons, Mods, and Manufacturing

Various weapons can be used in the game with various modifications. These weapons range from axes to modified electric rifles. Melee weapons can be used to store energy that can in turn be used for energy weapons. For firearms, players will have to find bullets scattered in the environment to reload. Weapons and bullets can be crafted too with the help of the crafting machine called NORA.

atomic heat gameplay overview trailer
He looks like a James Bond villain.

Atomic Heart is looking quite the worthy adversary for FPS action RPG this year.

Atomic Heart launches on February 21, 2023 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.