Atomic Heart Gameplay Trailer Released

Also, see what other critics say about the game.

Game Informer has recently released a new Atomic Heart gameplay trailer today showcasing some parts of the newly released title.

The newest gameplay trailer features gameplay by the guys behind media outlet Game Informer explaining various mechanics, giving impressions of the game, and a preview of how the game works. They do give an honest opinion of the game, especially the protagonist, which they did not like. They are not giving strong praises, but their experience is good so far. Compared to the rest of the gaming community though, their feedback is too good.

Feedback from other critics is not that forgiving, unfortunately. Various review sites are giving Atomic Heart very low scores. Some are not impressed with the overall gameplay, visuals, and it has some issues with other platforms.

Speaking of console issues, some reports reveal that Atomic heart has some performance issues on the Xbox Series S. Some YouTubers reveal that in many interior areas, the game maintains a constant 60 fps but when they go outside, it runs very rarely at 60 fps and would drop to the low 50s.

atomic heart gameplay trailer

Atomic Heart is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.