Atomic Heart In Hot Pursuit Quest Walkthrough

How to complete the In Hot Pursuit quest in Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart In Hot Pursuit cover

In Hot Pursuit is a quest in Atomic Heart where Major P-3 has to catch a fleeing Petrov so that the information inside his head can be harvested.

Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to complete the In Hot Pursuit quest in Atomic Heart.

In Hot Pursuit Objectives:

  • Go through the door
  • Reach the archive
  • Find a way to hit the Polymer
  • Go up
  • Find a way to open the gate
  • Cross the Seed Bank
  • Catch up with Petrov
  • Find a way to leave the Complex
  • Activate the PEC-4 Birchtree

Go through the door

From the door where Petrov escaped, turn around and head to the other staircase across the room while clearing the enemies along the way. Then enter the room across the stairs.

Inside the room, climb the vent and crawl through it to get to the next room.

Head to the table across the room to get the Candle.

Then, move to the door with the lock. To open this, just time your snaps once the bulb lights up underneath one of the plugs to engage them before the timer runs out.

Bring the Candle back to the previous door and place it on the holder on the side to open the door.

Reach the archive

Go to the next room to reach the archives full of rampaging loaders.

Find a way to hit the Polymer

Head to the corner of the Archive where there’s a blob of Polymer hanging from the ceiling. Climb on top of the crates, then wait for a loader to pass by and raise its load high before using SHOK on it to disable it for a few seconds. Then, jump on its load to reach the Polymer.

Go up

Swim upwards through the Polymer to reach the next room.

Find a way to open the gate

Clear the enemies in the room, then go inside the central room to find the Luna lock. You’ll need to find three canisters from the other rooms and insert them into the Luna to unlock it.

The first canister is behind the stack of crates near the Polymer you just swam through from earlier.

Then, go through the Polymer on the wall across the central room and swim through until you reach a closed door.

Go through the door and you’ll find a canister on NORA. Interact with NORA to get the Electro gun as well.

Look towards the left wall from NORA to find a vent. Crawl through the vent and you’ll eventually find the next canister. Continue crawling through the vent to get back to the main room.

Insert all three canisters on the Luna to unlock the next room.

Cross the Seed Bank

Make your way through the seed bank and defeat all the enemies you come across. Press the button to call the elevator, wait for the elevator to open up, then ride it to the upper floor.

On the higher floor, you’ll pass by a room with a NORA in it. Take some time to get your gear upgraded, then continue towards the next marker.

You’ll arrive at a higher floor with a locked door. Open the lock by timing your snaps when the light appears underneath the plugs before time runs out. Then, climb on top of the loader to get to a higher level.

Use the zipline to sip to the next platform. Then, go down the ramp and swim through the Polymer to get to the next room.

Catch up with Petrov

Make your way through the archive to discover Petrov’s body.

Find a way to leave the Complex

Carry the Candle that Petrov was holding with you, then make your way to the locked gate. For this lock, you’ll need to reorder the position of the dots first by swapping them on the lower three slots, then match the dots up with the lights on the rim.

While still carrying the Candle, go back to the room where you first caught up with Petrov.

Activate the PEC-4 Birchtree

Place the Candle on the holder in the middle of the room. Then, grab the first Candle from earlier, and place it on the second holder in the middle of the room to activate the PEC-4 Birchtree and complete the quest.

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