Atomic Heart Not A Password At All Quest Walkthrough

How to complete the Not a Password at All quest in Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart Not a Password At All cover

Not a Password at All is a quest in Atomic Heart that will have players find a special code to open a door to the next objective.

Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to complete the Atomic Heart Not a Password at All quest.

How to complete the Not a Password at All Quest

The Not a Password at All is a quest that appears during the Sealed with Seven Seals quest in which you will be tasked to locate a Ballerina’s Ball to open a gate. During this objective, you will come across a locked door with button codes, and interacting with it will start the quest.

Find someone who knows the code

To begin finding the code to unlock the door, talk to the corpse nearby. He will reveal that the electrician is the only one who knows the code to the door.

Head back down the level and go through the long corridor that connects to the next room. Just across from where you enter the room is a staff room.

Go inside it and follow the path that will lead you to another locked door. You simply have to spin the dial to match the dots with their respective colors.

Across the room is another corpse next to the chest. This is the electrician that the previous corpse was talking about. Talk to the electrician and he will share a code that goes one-five-zero-six-fifteen. Pay no attention to this code, but rather look at the piece of paper beside him. Take note of this code.

Head back to the previously locked door and press the corresponding buttons that appeared red on the piece of paper from earlier: the two topmost buttons, and the left bottom button. You’ll then be able to open the door and proceed to the next objective.

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