Atomic Heart Testing Ground 9 Walkthrough

How to complete the Testing Ground 9 in Atomic Heart

Atomic heart Testing Ground 9 cover

Testing Ground 9 is one of the areas in Atomic Heart that is an optional place to go through to get weapon blue prints and upgrades. Testing Grounds, also known as Polygons, are usually filled with puzzles and obstacles, as well as enemies that patrol the area.

Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to complete Testing Ground 9 in Atomic Heart, as well as share the locations of where the Loot-yagins can be found.

How to access Testing Ground 9

Go down the manhole near Testing Ground 9 and make your way through the room with a locked door and pipes that run along the ceiling. Open the lock by matching the dots with their corresponding colors. Inside the room is a box full of Candles. Pick one up and place it inside the opening of the pipe near the top of the doorway. Guide the Candle through the pipes on to the first boiler on the right. Do it three more times for the other boilers and it should open the next door and burn the vines blocking the antenna.

Move through the next path ahead, passing by the locked door, then turning left by the huge fan. Continue through the corridors until you arrive at a flooded room. Wade through the water to reach the next stairs, then proceed to the room with the Polymer. Swim through the Polymer and through the pipe until you reach the exit.

Make your way back to the testing ground and continue moving to the house north of it. Climb up to the roof where you will see the antenna. Then, hack the camera closest to your position and aim it at the statue to find the switch. Then, you can now enter the shed near the statue and ride the elevator into the testing ground.

Bronze Loot-yagin – KS-23 Collimator

From the elevator, turn left and enter the room to the left where you’ll find a terminal behind a divider. Use SHOK on it to open the door up ahead. In the next room past the door, grab the Candle and place it on the holder nearby to open the gate. Up ahead to the left is a room where the Bronze Loot-yagin can be found containing a KS-23 Collimator.

Silver Loot-yagin – Dominator Impulse Divider

From the previous room, go down the stairs and into the next room where you’ll see a submerged crate with a Candle in it. Before leaving, press the button in the room. Retrace your steps and dive into the water to retrieve the Candle, place it on the holder on the opposite side of the gate to keep the gate open, then grab the Candle you placed earlier. Place the Candle on the holder on the other side of the room, then grab the other one and place it on the other holder to open the gate.

Continue into the next rooms where you’ll find another button on the room overlooking the flooded area. Press the button, then head back to the room with the Candles. Grab the candle and place them back again on the previous holders, then once you have the second Candle set, grab the Candle from the inside. Carry the candle on the newly opened room and place it on the holder, then grab the other one and place it on the other holder.

Prepare to clear the room of enemies first, then go to the other side of the room to find a locked door. Open this lock using the timing mechanic. Continue down the corridor and you’ll find the Silver Loot-yagin containing a Dominator Impulse Divider.

Gold Loot-yagin – Kalash Electromagnetic Polarizer / Pashtet Ergonomic Handle

Continue down the corridor and head into the room to the right. Make your way down to the other room, then go to the left side. Reverse the polarity to lower the magnet wall, ride on the platform, then reverse the polarity again. Jump towards the next platform where the Candle is. Grab the candle and then make it over the fence and place it on the closest holder on the right.

Climb up the crates and once you’re up, grab the Candle again and try to throw it over to the next holder on the right. Jump on the platform that appeared, then grab the Candle on the left and place it on the holder near you. Jump up the platform again until you reach the door, then grab the Candle closest to you and place it on the holder by the door to open the door. make your way to the elevator and you’ll see the room that has the Gold Loot-yagin in it that contains a Kalash Electromagnetic Polarizer and Pashtet Ergonomic Handle.

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